YouTube Accounts to help move Icon further

Good Afternoon.

I have one proposal and it’s simple.

$125,000 usd to 25 youtube channels that cover crypto projects.

I have no idea if this will work and if this is even possible.

It’s just an idea, please don’t shoot me

I believe talking about layer 1 is outdated. But I know these are being planned for Omm, Balanced, ICONFi, etc.


Sweet! Thanks Min! You rock brother.

Should we expect awareness campaigns about layer 2 before its release or after? I also see a positive in telling people what’s to come, because that’s why we ourselves are here.

Awareness beforehand also gives time for external developers to come and propose CPS’s, so as soon as 2.0 is ready they can start building!


I think that there are a lot of crypto influencers out there that don’t need financial incentives and if you have new and interesting projects being built then they will do an interview or something. I agree with Min that Layer 1 basically dose not need to be discussed unless we are talking about interoperability.
Min has talked to Nuggets News before, who I believe dose not need financial incentives to talk about the tech and has over 100k subs. I think reaching out to people like that and updating them on the exciting things being built and updating with new developments and explaining CPS would be the best bet.

I disagree with paying for shills though.


Min, while I agree that DeFi products are the buzz right now, we have to always mention what makes all these ICON dApps, better than the competitors, and the situation here is that we have a much better layer 1 than most. Especially after ICON 2.0.
We have to advertise our new DeFi platforms, WHILE justifying why they are so much better.
Bridge is a VERY strong point to make when explaining the advantages of why ICON instead of DOT/ADA/ETH etc.
Not to mention all the connections ICON has with the institutional world, banking sector, etc… These are all very important and shouldn’t be kept in the shadows, people have to understand the impact of all these partnerships, how will ICON utilise them.

What I mean is, we have to advertise what makes ICON, a better choice.
What makes it so unique and valuable?

Layer 1 in golang.
Bridge for easy FIAT on/off ramps.
BalancedDAO DEX with multiple blockchain’s tokens and near zero transaction costs.
13% staking rewards.
Etc, you guys know better than me.

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I like this! Nuggs is great and it would be great to revisit him and give if a walk through of cps. We need more builders.

Also we need to host a hackathon on GitHub with quadratic matching put on via the foundation. This will attract a ton of talent. We should do this fall force when icon2.0 test net is ready so the building starts early.


Tech youtubers would be very good, we need to create awareness about ICON 2.0, especially now test net is (soon to be?) available we should focus on attracting developers to the network :slight_smile:

Totally agree with Fezbox! a Hackathon would attract developers to build on ICON!


Good day all,

Min, please consider this. I know team and community is trying hard on social networks to bring awareness to Icon. We desperately need Youtube representative in live stream or prerecorded videos (can be mix of both). Youtube has so much more power to create awareness than any other social channel. Its live and people love live streaming where they can share views and get to know about project. People nowadays don’t read articles or documentation.
I posted this in other topic.

My proposal is to find within team, or hire a senior developer who can pick up Icon blockchain fundamentals fast. His role would be as following:

  • create tutorials how to use Icon blockchain from beginner to advanced videos.
  • have daily presentations on live stream which will raise awareness for Icon
  • be a middle man or a bridge between developers and Icon team
  • have daily or weekly podcasts and be able to present all Icon dApps in live stream or record videos
  • have daily or weekly interviews with crypto community especially smaller crypto youtube channels which are easier to reach out
  • have AMA session with Icon community and being able to respond and give informations about current state of some projects and all dApps
  • for example one livestream can be for one dApp showcase, another livestream can be next dApp, or beginner introduction to Icon programming, next livestream is Ama with community or with team member. So if we have this tech guy who can introduce crypto community to Icon, it will speak volumes.
  • good english speaker
    Devexpress software company that I use is doing same youtube livestreaming and promotion.

This would build new confidence of icon holders, and would bring new investors.

He could be employed in Icon and salary of senior developer is around 70,000-150,000 USD depending on country which is nothing compared to benefit Icon would have. Also this could be done through CPS.



I this still on going?

Do you mean funding top 25 YouTube Channels to promote ICON?