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  2. Dragan Grbovic

  3. contact@cada.news Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wiz_Eyez Skype: alhemicar_hn

  4. Project Category: Content Writing, Marketing

  5. Affiliate marketer and excellent seo writer and ranker for 10+ years in different niches. Approached crypto as pay-per-performance, brought thousands of ADA investors meaning customers and got 0 funding, so closed the website. Rebuilt site 2 months ago already ranking (US Google) for many keywords, trying to find way into monetization with hardware wallets. Happy to see ICON wallets supports Ledger with which I have the best relation (other wallets like Guarda and Ellipal too) and earned the most so far. Recognized Binance Smart Chain and seemed Cosmos (but not continuing supporting them) like main Ethereum competitors. I heard from my friend who is developing an app you are a good team providing support (smth as non-developer havent encountered so far in crypto) so looked into the ICON. Fast and cheap transactions, smart contracts, governance model, something a high market cap blockchains are just trying to implement.

With just this article


after 1 day (US Google rankings) it bumped into ICON wallets and staking top which means you need serious content writing except developers side. You can see some rankings and analytics for the previous day below.
As a new user I can only post 1 url and photo per page.

  1. I don’t see a reason for not to continue in the future but let’s call it 6 months in which I would be able to research and establish strong ICON category page on the website and Google very shortly
  2. Raising awareness about ICON, updates and projects being built on it. Ready to provide all ICON projects support using both articles and social media channels support into achieving their goals (would need information from them beside individual research)
  3. I believe 1,000 ICX per month are enough which would go into ICX staking.
  4. Public Address: hx0b97ce137de4b79aa791d684edc278adbff22aa5
  5. We also have Medium page with traffic, which also confirmed users in POS networks are looking rather for wallets to stake not just store, reason for the ICON article title. If you think there is other way than this grant system to partner feel free to contact me. And yeah, we are here to stay establishing presence in all blockchain wallets and traffic will just go up like the interest in crypto. Best.

PS. Reason for using the term Best has to do with Google rich snippets, providing users with the best solutions. And users that type the full phrase already shows the intention of possessing it like similar to “buy”. Can’t go into details as it is SEO strategy despite being in company of developers :smiley:

Rich snippets no.1 after just posting an article - explaining Icon staking also. With the Ledger wallet for which we have in depth review and tutorial.

I have 2 hardware wallets in queue but ready to work on ICON page and articles which you obviously need.Shame watching some pump and dump bsc coins at $30 while ICX stagnates around 2,50. Can I get a reply?