Worldwide ICON dApps Accelerator Alliance

Hello ICONSpartans!

it is a pleasure for us, HOLA ICON, and ICON Pinas, to present the following proposal whose aim is to promote ICON dApps through videos, social media, marketing, quizzes, and AMAs with the goal of giving a wider exposure to those dApps that the ICON community have selected by voting through ICON Vote.
In order to engage a wide audience, the initiative will be promoted in social channels and Airdrops/prizes will be given either during the voting process and the AMAs. We expect the initiative to encourage ICOnists and non-ICON users to use the dApps promoted and add more eyes on the ICON Network.

We hope the proposal is very welcome and seen as a good initiative. We, both teams, are very excited about it and will do our best to make it a great sucess!!

1. Title

Worldwide ICON dApps Accelerator Alliance

2. Project Category

Community Activities

3. Project Description

This project is focused on promoting / marketing ICON dApps through videos, social media, marketing, quizzes, and AMAs.

Initially, for this project, three ICON dApps will be promoted, one per month. More extensive information about the activities can be found at the Project Milestone section.

What do the ICON dApps / ICON public network get?

ICON dApps

  • Wider exposure within the ICON community, as well as outside.

  • Better understanding about how a dApp works and the purpose / benefits of using it.

  • Onboarding of more users as they will feel encouraged and supported to try the dApp.

ICON public network

  • Increase the usage of the network.

  • Increase the number of transactions.

  • Reduce inflation due to the increase of the transaction amount.

  • All the above results in on boarding more users and investors.

4. Project Start Date

1st March 2021 (TBC)

5. Project duration

Completion of the project has been estimated in 21 (twenty one) weeks.

6 . Project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs will be delivered according to the Project development Gantt chat, section 7.
It is proposed the following KPIs which will reflect the success of this Project:

7. Project Milestones

  • Project development Gantt chart

  • Milestones Summary

Milestones Summary

  • Milestones description

Promotional Video of the core ICON dApp to be used in this project:

  1. HOLA ICON – ICON Vote

Completion date – T0+3


Promotion of the Project:

  1. HOLA ICON – Creation of a short promo video of the project and launching it on Twitter and Telegram
    Completion date – T0+4

  2. ICON Pinas – Creation of a Promo Video using the videos created by HOLA ICON in the milestones 1 and 2. It will be included in the next episode of the ICX News Ngayon and published on: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (short clips).
    Completion date – T0+5

Promo Video on ICX News Ngayon

Promotion of dApps:

  • HOLA ICON – Voting

4 – Completion date – 1st dApp T0+5
9 – Completion date – 2nd dApp T0+9
14 – Completion date – 3rd dApp T0+14

• Voting launch on ICON Vote dApp in order to select the ICON dApp that will be created the promotional video for.
• In order to motivate/encourage ICONists to participate in the vote, a random wallet will be selected within all the voters and rewarded with 50$, payable in ICX.
o website will be used to get the winner.
o website will be used to calculate the quantity of ICX that the 50$ worth. The day and time will be as follow:

:black_small_square: 1st dApp - 4th April at 10pm UTC+0
:black_small_square: 2nd dApp - 2nd May at 10pm UTC+0
:black_small_square: 3rd dApp - 6th June at 10pm UTC+0

The whole process will be recorded and published in Twitter.

  • HOLA ICON – Creation of Promo Video

5 – Completion date – 1st dApp T0+8
10 – Completion date – 2nd dApp T0+13
15 – Completion date – 3rd dApp T0+17

The process of creation promotional / marketing videos is challenging to handle; however, following the below steps we can assure to achieve 100% dApps developers satisfaction.

1. Investigation
Hands on the actual dApps! Analysis of the dApps and their purpose, review of their functionality and the potential benefits of using them.
2. Creative Brief
Understand the requirement of the dApps developers, what are the message and the goal they want to achieve with the video.
3. Script
*Incorporate dApps developer’s message in the most effective manner; compose an engaging script that can assure to boost the dApps’ marketing success. In this stage we will decide what type of video suits the best the real essence of the dApps to grab the attention of viewers. We will research and on board references, resources, components and music to be used during the next stage. *
4. Video Montage
*Blend each important component together in the most superior manner, thereby creating a video that is hard to avoid and one that ensures maximum success. *
5. Finalised & Published
Some final touches, performance monitoring and verification that dApps developers’ expectations are fulfilled.

ICON dApps Promo Video

  • HOLA ICON – Promo Video created will be published YouTube and Twitter

6 – Completion date – 1st dApp T0+8
11 – Completion date – 2nd dApp T0+13
16 – Completion date – 3rd dApp T0+17

  • ICON Pinas – AMA of the ICON dApp

After the release of each promo video and upon the completion of the ICX News Ngayon featured episode and quiz time event, an AMA with the DApp creator will be organized to take place at the ICON Pinas Telegram chat.
For added interest + engagement, an airdrop of 100$ will take place at the conclusion of each AMA event (50$ for best questions; 50$ for airdrop).

7 – Completion date – 1st dApp T0+9
12 – Completion date – 2nd dApp T0+14
17 – Completion date – 3rd dApp T0+18


  • ICON Pinas – Creation of a Promo Video

It will be part of the next episode of the ICX News Ngayon and published on: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (short clips).
It will be shown an extract of the actual Promotional Video as well as a sneak peak of the 50$ winner of the voting process and AMA carried out.

A T-shirt of the ICON dApp promoted will be worn by the ICX News Ngayon presenter. Costs involved for the materials and printing will be $20.

8 – Completion date – 1st dApp T0+9
13 – Completion date – 2nd dApp T0+14
18 – Completion date – 3rd dApp T0+18

8. Funding Amount Requested and Monthly Payments

Total Funding Amount Requested: $ 6,550


Monthly Payments

9. Use of Rewards Breakdown

As per section 8.

10. URL of the project (Additional Resources)

Not Applicable.

11. Team Names


ICON Pinas

12. Teams Contact Information

Telegram: @Ruben_holaICON




Public Address: hxa615b432cb84c3f2ed22194b32df317b474ec2c9

Telegram: @Jenny_ICONPinas




Public Address: hx0a72c03881451a6270d4895f756085470fc311e4

13. Team Background


Promotional Videos created for some dApps of the ICON Ecosystem:




Note: Currently working in FutureICX EPICX

HOLA ICON Website:

HOLA ICON Medium channel (Tutorials & Articles)

ICON Pinas

ICON Pinas has been consistently publishing video content on YouTube since becoming a P-Rep on the ICON Network. Our YouTube videos can be found here:

Furthermore, our team has experience both hosting and being featured as a guest for AMA events, which occur on Telegram. Links to past AMA events can be found on our official Telegram announcements channel:

For more details on our community building activities, please refer to our Transparency Reports, which we publish on Medium every month:

14. Sponsor P-Rep

HOLA ICON (or other P-Reps who wish to sponsor this initiative)

This is great. what i am about to say i mean in the best way.
I would like to see this piece reach out to new platforms. We have a huge presence on twitter.
Could the above be added to Various decentralised platforms? We need to attract new users.

Hi @Fezbox thanks very much for your feedback and suggestions.

In terms of new platforms, Twitter was highlighted above in the CPS application, but our plan is to share these promo videos across various social media accounts.

Our team (ICON Pinas) in particular is most active on Telegram (this is where the AMA events will be held), and we will also be posting the promo videos on our: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (planning to open this account shortly), etc.

As it pertains to Twitter, the ICON Pinas account there will likely reach the familiar audience you are referring to, but it’s also worth noting that our team member Jenny has a separate non-crypto focused account (with more followers than the ICON Pinas account) which will also be used for added signal boost to a new market of users.

In any case, we’re actively working to grow all our social media accounts, and if you have specific suggestions for which decentralized platforms to share on, please let us know and we’ll be happy to dig more into it. :smiley:


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Thats an amazing initiative guys!

Although we are already working with both of your teams, ICON Midos would love to help you out and sign up as a Sponsor for this project if you need one.

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I will respond soon. Sorry for the delay.

I am 100% with you, attract people from other communities to see the beauty, the benefits of using ICON dApps would be great, in my opinion the real goal. We will do our best to market them in other communities or in general crypto channels, but I personally hope all of us, the ICON community, to do one’s bit, and market the initiative in every TG channel they are, in twitter, …
We expect to attract people to participate in the vote from inside and outside of the ICON community thanks to the ICX lottery. We, ICON Pinas and us, will promote the initiative, and we hope everyone help to the promotion, sharing the videos we will create and making aware to others about the AMAs…
We will create the promotional videos for the initiative, for the dApps, and will deep dive onto the dApps thanks to the AMAs, which will give ICXs away as well. We will create the content, the enviroment, and I hope every ICONist help us to create awarness within the various crypto communities using the content and activities created/managed by us.
No one can do it better than the whole community. We need the ICONSpartans!!! We will be the blacksmiths that forge our army´s swords and shields!

thanks for your words mate :blush: . It is a pleasure for us to work with your team, it is really easy and exciting.
Thanks for your trust and offer, we will discuss it. One possibility could be to be sponsored by various P-Reps.


This proposal has been submitted to the CPS, modified as a stand-alone project from HOLA ICON, being sponsored by ICX Station.

ICON Pinas would still very much like to be involved and show our full support for P-Rep collaborations, however, to prevent potential overlap/confusion with some of our other projects, our team will not be featured on this one.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope ICONists will rally behind this Worldwide ICON dApps Accelerator and vote yes to support HOLA ICON and help us get more awesome promo videos created for ICON dApps.


Exciting project

Would love to introduce the noloss staking lottery Dapp through your campaign

We already rank #2nd on State of the Dapps