Why is Bitcoin Worth It?, Then what about icx?

I think the biggest reason for this is this. Bitcoin cannot control the amount of issuance.
No country or institution can issue additional Bitcoins. And it has been recognized for its value all over the world.

I think Bitcoin has emerged and been accepted by everyone because the dollar is now not safe according to the currency replacement cycle.

So I thought: Is there any way to increase the true value of icx? Will the issuer of icx be needed even when BTP is generalized?

If the interchain is generalized, wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the issuing entity of icx and not be able to change the issuance amount in order for icx to be used as a public currency?

I think like this

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The two attributes that make up money - 1) the store of value and 2) the means of exchange - are actually two contradictory concepts.

This is actually a debate in economics, and it is difficult to draw a definite conclusion.

Bitcoin has alread greatly succeeded as a store of value, but it is not suitable as a means of payment. They are so valuable that no one will want to trade them for one another. On the other hand, if the value seems to be less than Bitcoin even a little bit, people will try to change it to Bitcoin and hold it.
As such, no cryptocurrency can compete with Bitcoin in terms of store of value.

After all, the monetary system has to be a two-folded system. It means that icx should first focus on being a smooth means of exchange rather than being a valuable asset like BTC.

Therefore, I think we must first contribe to create a realworld-use case. Web3 or metaverse etc. Certain value will come accordingly. but ICX as a interchain currency that replaces bitcoin entirely, my whole argument lose lights…