Who’s the mod of the Reddit?

Every post there seems to be concern trolling.


It’s getting kind of hard to be a holder honestly. Can we get some mods or people adding content? Cheers.

What subreddit are you talking about? r/helloicon is our official subreddit and we moderate it. I add content there every day as well as spending hours answering PM’s and replies from ICONists.

r/icon is not under our control. It is a complete mess and is moderated by nobody as I understand it. I have attempted multiple times to gain ownership, or become a moderator, of r/icon, but the moderators there just ignore my messages.

Reddit admins will not give me control of the subreddit either. The moderators there are using their reddit accounts (even though they don’t use the subreddit) so we can’t get them removed on the grounds of inactivity.

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What up Norsk. Ya r/icon is a shame, the mod seems like a sweaty who bought at the top. Also has burger in his username, weird.

r/helloicon seems to me to have massive concern trolling every time I see a post. “Is anyone worried about the price slipping”? “What should we do about our rank dropping?” and posts about converting 10 token from ETH bought at ICO. I know people have said that censorship is a problem but honestly fuck em, I would like to see good curated content rather than just lame stuff. It makes the subreddit seem like a noob Q&A sesh and has made me not want to be on there. Is it possible or is there demand to move to a more structured format of fewer posters posting more often than the freeforall it is now? Maybe its just me or maybe theres others too. You do a great job man, I’m not wondering about your moderation or your work, talking more about the content and direction it could take.

Exhibit A

I slept 6 hours last night, get off ma ass bro… jokes aside though,

That post isn’t up to subreddit standard no. It clearly breaks our rules listed on the sidebar and it was nuked when I saw it. When we remove those threads I put a comment in them asking the OP to come post their thoughts in the weekly discussion thread instead.

We do allow price discussion threads at times, but usually when they are full of analysis/substance.

I’m not trying to be a dick you norsk. I know you’re the man and I know you do work for icon man. More of sharing my thoughts on my long term view of the subreddit and how I think it could be different to shape peoples view of icon for the better. Let’s face it, Reddit is a shitty website, but there are tons of people on it and there are tons of crypto investors on it and they do shape the markets view of icon to some extent. I think maybe the reason people don’t share there more or why maybe possibly Reddit has a negative view of icon is the constant concern trollish posts, the million ‘can I convert my tokens’ posts and the more noobish content with rarely high level or in depth convo or dev centered or high level foundation member involvement. This isn’t a jab against you personally, I know you’re not in charge of what people post and you do great work bro. I’m talking about more a place where icon bros and pros talk about all things icon, not where anonymous chumps shit on it

I love the input, sweet as mate :smiley:

ICON staff and P-Reps don’t comment on posts in the ICON subreddit very often/if at all. When important topics of conversation come up in our network we tend not to have them live in our subreddit. They tend to occur here instead, on twitter, or on telegram. It’s been good to focus these discussions in less areas, but as you noticed it has had a negative impact on the quantity of subreddit content.

A large chunk of my time spent as a reddit mod is privately communicating with ICONists in DM’s or replying to comments. Lots of token swaps and bugs that people are always needing help with.

Hey @Cali if you want to see the reality of how bad it starts to get without moderators and an active community check out Waltonchains subreddit: yikes…

@Cali: r/icon was a subreddit made before Icon was ever even a project. The owner has been obtuse over the years and I personally worked with them and the r/helloicon folks to merge the two subreddits right at ICO. I am not sure anyone is really moderating r/icon anymore although I had good standing there in the past I’ve moved on.

@RadioFriendly123 and @NorskKiwi and a few others are running r/helloicon. Maybe we should set up an IconLounge or something but I have to say the r/helloicon fellows have worked hard over the past 3 years.

Still not sure why r/icon exists but it was a shit show full of infighting in the past.

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