Where I can find more in details information about how to create SCORE Smart Contract or dapps?


First of all, I would like to say that I haven’t done my proper job to search and find the information I am asking here, but this is my point I try to raise also.
Not only fo me, but for anyone who would like to find out and get more in-depth information and documentation regarding how to build dapps or SCORE smart contract on ICON platform, should be a bit easier if we have all these info in one platform or place.
I found it a bit difficult to get to the information I need and I will be glad if you pointing me out in the right direction and places, where I or everyone else would like to find.
I only found by now the ICONation learning platform Craftain very useful (much appreciated), but it is just introductions and not much in details info as what I am looking for.

Do I need to get in touch with the ICON team regarding starting a new dapps or SCORE smart contract and they will provide me with all the details I need it for, or there is existing place already where everyone can find all of this information?


Hey guys - there is some good stuff in the developer section of icon.community (https://icon.community/developers/)



Thanks Benny.
In case of additional enquiries and support who will be the right person, which we can communicate with?


I would say to ask the question in t.me/icondevs and if you still can’t get a response in a few days you can shoot me a message on telegram (@benny_options) and I’ll try to find the right specific people to solve your problem


As Scott said, the Icondev telegram channel is good (community members who are helpful). Also, you can post questions directly on the icon official dev site: icondev.io and the ICON team is usually pretty good about responding quickly.