Where has my Iconex Swap Wallet gone?

Please help

I have sent my ICX from Binance recently in this FUD to my Iconex Swap Wallet address

Later when i opened my ICONex wallet, i realised that the Swap Wallet is not in the App, there is only the ICONex wallet. And no deposit of my coins

I would like to find out what happened to my swap wallet, and how to retrieve my wallet?

Thanks community greatly appreciated

Interested in what it is you mean by a ‘swap wallet’

This takes me back to the old dApp ICON swap :thinking:

I would invite you to the community discord to discuss this further in a support ticket?

Hello ICONJohn

Thank you for your quick reply

Yes i think your right, it was back in the day when we had to swap our ICX tokens to a different format

I have attached a screenshot of my wallet, previously there were two wallets in this app

I currently only have one wallet in the app, i dont think i deleted the other wallet. But im also not sure where it has gone or how to access it. (i do have the wallet address)

This is fine to post to the community

Thank you for your help again

Ok, so i imagine you had a second wallet that you used for ICON swap and maybe named accordingly.
hmmm, would it be worth a look in your harddrives for a keystore file or private key for this wallets backup? Or are you sure you dont have one?

A backup will likely be needed if this wallet is no longer present unfortunately.

Also assuming this wasn’t a ledger wallet?

Sorry to hear but moving forward i would recommend using hana wallet (our now recommended wallet) and maybe also investing in a ledger to manage private keys safely :slight_smile:

Hey there. I’m guessing you didn’t back up this ICONex wallet (keystore file and password, or private key)?

Another recovery option for you: Do you have the private key for your ETH wallet that you had the old ERC-20 ICX in?

If so, you can restore an ICONex wallet using that private key. It will have your ICX in it there.

Don’t share your private key or personal info with anyone!

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