When ICONex will be upgraded to show all other tokens created on ICON network?

Hello ICON Developers,
and those particularly working on ICONex.

Could you please advise when ICONex wallet will be upgraded to show and work with all other tokens created on ICON network?
Please could you advise if this is already done or still in the process to be done?
I think as ICONex is the main official ICON wallet, it should be able to support all other types of tokens already created on ICON network.

ICONex development has been droppped. MyIconWallet is the new official wallet, it’s still being improved.

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I am just curious why no one else is complaining about that?
What kind of other ICON wallets are you using, I am just interested?

Okay, I understand now.
Thanks for your updates Spl3en.
I guess those who still using ICONex need to move on to MyIconWallet now on?

We’re in a weird situation where ICONex is not maintained anymore, but the Chrome extension of MyIconWallet is still not released… I’d say it’s still too soon to tell people to move from ICONex to MIW.

See the following article for more detailed info :