Wechoice - A Donation Platform

[Revised] Thanks to our P-Rep’s feedback, we’d like to revise this proposal to be clear about our ideas.

Hello everyone!

We’re Wechoice team from the ICON Hackathon competition. The competition was a great opportunity for us to bring out our idea to the world and we’d like to thank you for all.

With that much motivation, we’d like to have a chance to take Wechoice go-live by submitting for a CPS funding.

Find the demo video here.



You are a person looking for ways to be compensated for your creative content, or an activist looking to support a social cause, a celebrity trying to prove their philanthropic activities or an organization holding a charity event needing contributions from the public in an open and transparent way.

Whatever your choice, Wechoice is the network for you!

Project Description

Wechoice is a Social Media Network to establish a social media presence, connect with friends, and express yourself freely and creatively.

  • Customize personal profiles
  • Become content creators by creating posts of varying contents such as work, arts, and charity activities to request donations
  • Communicate via threads, comments and direct messaging
  • Invite others to be the co-creators of content or events for collaborations and increasing reputation.

Wechoice is an easy-to-use crypto crowdfunding interface for sending and receiving donations of cryptocurrency:

  • Users on WeChoice create a unique profile link for donations that is able to be linked and shared anywhere
  • Users on Wechoice also can receive donations from the platform itself by their posts, activities and overall engagement.

Wechoice is more than a donation platform

In recent years many donation platforms have emerged; Gofundme, Kickstarter, Qgiv.

Wechoice improves upon the standard donation platform by:

1. Payment Options

Wechoice offers a wide range of options for crypto donations and crowdfunding. Including, but not limited to, IRC-2 tokens and other tokens from other chains in ICON’s BTP ecosystem.

2. Focus on Influencers and Reputation

There is a growing movement for online social activism. By building reputation, social activists can receive continuous trust and support from their followers across a number social causes.

3. Transparency For Philanthropy

All the transactions are transparent from Wechoice’s history itself and blockchain explores.

Wechoice is a Bridge between Charity and Blockchain technology.

Born through recent scandals faced by Vietnamese celebrities and their questionable claims of philanthropy, Wechoice was designed by the team to track and keep logs of donation efforts by individual persons and agencies.

  • Celebrity charity donations can be verified and tracked.
  • Fans of celebrities can verify and track their own donations to celebrities (building fandom reputation).
  • Users can keep a close eye on the use of the donations through tracker.
  • Users can verify and feel secure about supporting other activists through the reputation system a user builds from their trackable history of donations.

Using WeChoice

Registered Users

Users can create their own profile page to express themselves by registering an account via canpass, then link to their ICON wallet. Through this linked profile, they may receive donations to their wallet, given to them by other users for their content with a convenient UX/UI experience.

Anonymous or Unregistered Users

Anyone with a connected ICON wallet (ICONex/ Hana) can start to donate directly without registration to show their interest and receive a badge to recognize their donation. Users can use this opportunity to donate anonymously if that is their choice.


1. The Social Media Network of Donations

To solve these issues, we would like to build Wechoice to be much like ‘The Social Media Network of Donations’ through reputation system, transparency and taking advantage of Blockchain technology. This is the website for social influencers to share and grow their causes.

2. Fandom Culture

This is the website for fans to directly contribute to their idols.

3. Aid Where Fiat Is Not Enough

This is the website where users all around the world can donate to help war torn countries via crypto. We believe the recent efforts of blockchains like ICON Foundation donating over 1 million ICX to aid Ukraine during their fight for freedom is proof of the need for a more formal dedicated platform of this nature. And proof that there is a market for this application helping in countries who need humanitarian aid during times where fiat may not be the most convenient method of donating.


Simplified donation process

The donation process will be as simple as the transfer token process from wallet to wallet, without the barriers of location and complicated registration process.

Benefit for ICON Network and What The Community Can Expect

  • By use of ICON-based cryptocurrencies, ICON network will receive all transaction activities on the network.
  • With the expansion of the network in the future, ICON Influencers/KOLs can get donations from their fans through their promotion events using the app.
  • Additionally, the team will focus on creating a more convenient and promoted UI/UX for anyone to get/give donations.

BTP ecosystem token support

In the future, with the support of BTP, we hope to expand Wechoice to use other IRC-2 tokens as well as the tokens of the BTP ecosystem partner chains.

Marketing Process

Wechoice will have a reward pool for referral activities to expand the network after the beta version is released. Users who sign up and have other users sign up as referrals will receive compensation for their effort in promoting the website.


Budget Details

1 backend engineer: $2500 * 2.5 months =$6250

1 frontend engineer: $1500 * 2.5 months = $3750

1 UI Designer: $3,000

1 Marketer: $3,000

1 QA/QC: $1,500

1 Project Manager (part-time): $1000

Cloud services (1year): $1000

Total Development Team: 6

Total Funding Request: 19,500bnUSD


(This proposal is made for the first phase)

Phase 1 (3 months): Build base features

3 weeks

  • UI Design
  • As a user, I want to create an account on Wechoice via canpass
  • As a user, I want to update my profile (avatar, bio, wallet address)

2 weeks

  • As an anonymous (only connected wallet) or a user, I want to donate to a post and see donation history
  • As an anonymous (only connected wallet) or a user, I want to donate to a user via his/her profile link and see donation history

3 weeks

  • As a user, I want to create a post of text/images/video with a timer or target amount as an option.
  • As a user, I want to update my posts

2 weeks

  • As a user, I want to invite others to be the co-creators of content or events for collaborations and increasing reputation
  • As a user, I want to follow the other users to see their posts
  • As a user, I want to see my following list to send token

2 weeks

  • Testing

Phase 2: Build promotion & revenue

Promotion features:

  • Top donators/top fan supports badge reputation system
  • Referral activities
  • Identity user system
  • Reward token: When users donate 1 ICX, they receive 1 WE token in return. 100 WE will gain bronze rank, 200 WE for silver rank and so on. At each rank, your profile name will be decorated with different styles. WE token can be used to unlock premium features which will be built in the future.

Revenue features:

  • Create a Wechoice profile to get donations from user’s satisfaction when using this platform
  • Take a platform fee of 1% (for example) for each donation users get.
  • Make liquidity for WE token
  • Take advantage of a social media platform.

I hope you get the financing friends, hire a good ui designer, to avoid the similarity to Facebook

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Thank you for the kind words!

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WE - Wechoice team would like to thank P-reps for all your constructive feedback and comments.

We might not pass the CPS this time but we might see Wechoice in every universe one day.