We need your help. ICONEX software does not allow you to log in using Ladger

Good afternoon. We need your help. ICONEX software does not allow you to log in using Ladger. I always entered it, now it gives an error. Updated to the latest version, does not help. What could be the reason ? Here is a screenshot of the shot. Ladger is working stably, I have not observed any failures. Version 1.0.7

The issue you’re having is likely due to the new chrome update that’s been rolled out. A lot of wallets (not just ICON) can’t connect following the update. Ledger have released an article on it:

If you download an old version of chrome/brave browser it should resolve the issue.

Lots of people didn’t realize their browsers had updated automatically. I’ve been using a super old brave version and haven’t had any issues.

Here’s the instructions a user posted on reddit after I suggested using an older version (they’re using brave):

Alternatively you can try Chromium:

For Mac OS: https://www.googleapis.com/download/storage/v1/b/chromium-browser-snapshots/o/Mac%2F857950%2Fchrome-mac.zip?generation=1614305731496612&alt=media

For Windows: https://www.googleapis.com/download/storage/v1/b/chromium-browser-snapshots/o/Win%2F857959%2Fchrome-win.zip?generation=1614307965602102&alt=media

Hopefully you get back up and running! :slight_smile:

The issue has been fixed last week :+1: