W3N Blockchain x Studio Mirai x ICON Community


Studio Mirai is collaborating with Web3 Narva (W3N) to bring the ICON Community to the edge of Europe! Since the event is based in Narva, Estonia; the majority of the projects that we are looking to bring to the event are based in Europe. Some exceptions, members of ICON Foundation and Studio Mirai, are based outside of Europe. We will be utilizing Craft Network NFTs for the ticketing as well as create an onboarding process with Hana Wallet at the entrance of the event. We can only do this with the community’s support. Today we are seeking 16,500 bnUSD to create a global stage for projects in the ICON Ecosystem.

Along with the actual event, we also have the MiraiMeets side event. MiraiMeets is a super hyped special event at the end of Day 2. It will feature giveaways, networking, presentations and more fireside chats. In order to enter, event participants will need to download the Hana Wallet and show their ticket NFT. We have gathered a number of prizes consisting of ICX, USD, NFTs and merchandise totaling over 25,000 $ICX!

To learn more about the W3N Blockchain event, and why we are seeking for CPS, please watch this video.


An epic two-day Web3 event - taking place in one of Europe’s most historical cities - Narva, home of the iconic Herman Castle. Representing freedom and democracy at the edge of Europe, it’s a must-attend event for blockchain enthusiasts, developers, NFT creators and organizations.

‘W3N Blockchain’ will attract hundreds of attendees and visitors from across the globe to enjoy showcases, prominent keynote speeches and interactive panel discussions. In addition to the programme, attendees and sponsors are also able to grab the open mic slots during the mega event to present their projects and ideas.

With our world moving toward an increasingly secure and accessible digital marketplace, innovation is more important than ever. Discover the future of Web3, network with professionals and get knowledge to get your blockchain idea off the ground.

To learn more about the event, please visit the W3N Blockchain Event Page.

PANEL DISCUSSIONS (ICON Speakers & Discussions)

Below is a list of speakers and presentations for the two days. These are the topics that are related to members in the ICON Ecosystem.


1. Fireside: Web3 for Community Initiatives

  • Elise Shin (ICON Foundation)
  • Alexander Bitshov (W3N & RagePups)
  • Ben Li (Studio Mirai)


1. Interoperability

  • Eric Solomon (ICON Foundation)
  • Lucas (Craft)

2. Community Building in Web3

  • Ben Li (Studio Mirai)
  • ICON John (ICON & Project Nebula)
  • Kaarel Sööt (Project Nebula)
  • Elise Shin (ICON Foundation)

3. MiraiMeets x ICON Side Event

  • Ben Li (Studio Mirai)
  • Aldous (Studio Mirai)
  • ICON John (Project Nebula)
  • Haylo (Wonder Game)
  • Daniel (Wonder Game)
  • Lucas (Craft Network)
  • Alex (RagePups)
  • Elise Shin (ICON Foundation)
  • Eric Solomon (ICON Foundation)


1. NFTs: Culture, Gamification, Utility

  • ICON John (Project Nebula)
  • Holger Sundja (Project Nebula)
  • Kaarel Sööt (Project Nebula)
  • Alex (RagePups)

2. A Creative Journey into NFTs

  • Ben Li (Studio Mirai)
  • Aldous (Studio Mirai)

3. Building in Web3

  • Kaarel Sööt (Project Nebula)
  • Lucas Lareginie (Craft Network)

4. Pitching Contest

Details: Startups at any stage of their development looking to raise funds are welcome to apply. Your startup’s business model should be scalable and the mission should be strong. It isn’t just about tokenizing or putting everything on the blockchain - you should have a clear vision of why you’re doing and how it’s better than legacy alternatives. Having a working product with traction/feedback, a strong team, and being ready for investment will definitely give you a boost, but is not a strict requirement.

Eric Solomon, the Technical Lead for ICON Foundation will be a participating judge for this contest.

To learn more information about this content, please visit the Pitch Contest Homepage.


Each sponsor package will cover lodging, travel accommodations, exhibition booth and misc. Misc can be used for bringing extra members, merchandise, sponsors, etc.

SEU Sponsor Package: 1,750 bnUSD

  • SEU - Europe-Based Speaker/Presenter
  • Exhibition Booth: 200 bnUSd
  • Event Ticket: 50 bnUSD
  • Lodging, travel & misc: 1,500 bnUSD

SOEU Sponsor Package: 3,000 bnUSD

  • SOEU - Non-Europe-Based Speaker/Presenter
  • Exhibition Booth: 200 bnUSd
  • Event Ticket: 50 bnUSD
  • Lodging, travel & misc: 2,750 bnUSD

1. Studio Mirai - 6,500 bnUSD

  • SOEU Sponsor Package - 3,000 bnUSD
    • Kotaro, Co-Founder & Creative Director
    • Aldous, Lead Writer & Lead Game Designer
  • Organizer & Content - 3,500 bnUSD
    • Event Co-Organizers - We are running event operations behind-the-scenes, onboarding speakers and sponsors to help us run the event and onboard new community members to ICON.
      onboarding events to bring new users to the ICON community
    • Mirai Media Content - We will be creating various types of content throughout the event such as recaps, interviews, trivia and more!

2. ICON Foundation - 3,000 bnUSD

  • SOEU Package - 3,000 bnUSD
    • Elise Shin, Head of Marketing & Communications
    • Eric Solomon, Technical Lead

3. Project Nebula - 1,750 bnUSD

  • SEU Sponsor Package - 1,750 bnUSD
    • Kaarel Sööt, Co-Founder & CTO
    • Holger Sundja, Co-Founder & CEO
    • ICON John, Community Manager

4. Wonder Game - 1,750 bnUSD

  • SEU Sponsor Package - 1,750 bnUSD
    • Danielfree, Community Manager
    • Haylo, Community Manager

5. Eye On ICON/Hana Wallet - 1,750 bnUSD

  • SEU Sponsor Package - 1,750 bnUSD
    • Digitaldave, EOI Host | Hana Wallet Representative

6. Craft Network - 1,750 bnUSD

  • SEU Sponsor Package - 1,750 bnUSd


Thank you to the projects below for sponsoring prizes for the MiraiMeets event!

  1. Studio Mirai
  2. Project Nebula
  3. ICON Foundation
  4. Rarity Hunter
  5. FRĀMD
  6. Alter
  7. Wonder Game
  8. Cubies
  9. SuperNode Racing
  10. Claws


1. Why can’t NFT Projects fund themselves?
Answer: In this market, it is really difficult for NFT projects to fund themselves. Quite frankly, many of these projects consist of many team members and in the current stages; aren’t exactly profitable. NFT Projects bring a variety and interest to the ICON Ecosystem. We want to utilize the CPS and the community’s support to bring such interest to a global stage.

2. What topics will ICON members cover during the event? Will we get enough USP to consider funding this?
Answer: Well of course! Our MiraiMeets Side Event only accessible by having a Hana Wallet + Craft NFT. On top of that, we have members from the foundation & Staky team talking about Interoperability, BTP, what you can build on ICON, why you should build on ICON and how you can build on ICON.

3. What’s in it for us? :smiley:
Answer: Well, we consider any P-Reps that approve our proposal to be sponsors. By that measure, we will be featuring these projects on our marketing material as well as mentioning the projects during our presentations and MiraiMeets event.

4. Why CPS?
Answer: “A community event made possible by the community,” sounds pretty good right? I believe the CPS is a massive selling point for developers and community members to utilize when joining the ICON ecosystem. We (Studio Mirai) has used the CPS to kickstart Mirai Media and revolutionize video content creation in ICON. If we add “bringing the ICON Community to the edge of Europe in it’s first community event,” it makes it even better. CPS is a great tool for both Web2 and Web3 users to onboard into our ecosystem.

All this is only costing 18k? Awesome work all!

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