Voting compensation system, inflation rate, and marketing system must be resolved until icon2.0 full operation

  1. Voting reward system It is necessary to disperse the voting. This is my opinion. Voters must vote in three places.Split voting group (ex 2 groups: (1)p-reps buying vote (2).Other p-reps (1) Only 1 p-rep can be selected from the group, and 2 teams can be selected from the 2nd group for the rest. This is done by smart contracts. If anyone can get a new token by voting on a specific p-rep, most of them will. If this cannot be prevented, it is better to adjust as above.
    (Each vote ratio = 1:1:1 However, we have various airdrips)

2.Inflation rate control In order for the icon to prosper for a long time, the inflation rate needs to be dropped a lot (required). There is already a successful model (bitcoin) Bitcoin half-life makes the value of Bitcoin shine even more. (Actually, its value multiplies several times) This is the surest and fairest way to lower the inflation rate. This is beneficial for p-reps, voters and users alike. Let’s assume that icx’s half-life has come twice. Due to the high adoption rate and increase in usage of ICON Blockchain, the inflation rate would have fallen below 1%. It is the driving force to hold icx for a long time (good for institutional investors inflow) The p-rep was lowered from i_rep 14000 to 10000 a while ago, so I think that i_rep should be reduced by 7000 in the first half-life.(i_rep=7000) The staking interest rate should be cut in half. I think it’s enough to go through two half-lives like this.

  1. Marketing I’ve been seeing marketing proposals like this and that lately. good idea. However, I think domestic marketing is also important. It is sturdy only when the inside is firmly stiffened. I think it’s okay to spend 2 million dollars. Do TV ad in Korea. Luxurious with innocent, famous celebrities And internet articles The concept is Icon Finance and Icon Blockchain. ICON has products and technologies that fascinate people. In finance, a secure dollar-linked coin with a high interest rate (USDC) In terms of technology, bridges and interchains and scalability stability speed.

Personally, I believe that we will be among the top 10 market caps if we only solve the three topics above.

This is all a personal idea.

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I agree. Voting reward is not at all well done. It should be changed a lot. Your proposed solution is better than current system. There should be a way to reward good p reps and not give votes to one p rep only. I mentioned in other post another way. There should be brainstorming to change this voting rewards.