Velick must also join the icx lock as p-rep

I know that if we stake on velick, we are bound to vote 100% on velick.
We can sell, buy, and wallet icx without unlocking. It’s a seemingly nice feature.
In practice, it’s a bad thing for icx holders. Even I, writing this article, have 10% of my icx reserves in velik. For worry.
I don’t know much about icon’s p-reps, but I know a team that is the core team of icon and rarely receives votes.-(Reliant Node)
While developing icon’s core wallet, stash is also known as p-rep under development.
They don’t.
I think Reliant node are above velick when it comes to contribution.
These velick staking features are for velick
It is doubtful that 100% self-voting is qualified as a p-rep.

If it is a p-rep, make the unlock period for the icon the same as that of a regular wallet.
Even if you don’t like it, you should ease it.
This is the minimum
1.100% self-voting -> 5% or less
2. Unlock period -> 50% of wallet unlock time