Use of MyID in Dapps

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The prospect of developers being able to use MyID in their Dapps is a huge attraction IMO. Having the opportunity to build a Dapp that could actually have some serious utility in everyday life for crypto and non-crypto users is surely every Dapp developers dream.

I noticed Min mentioned on Twitter about the possible future use of MyID as KYC for ICONFi which has confirmed to me that this is possible but I have some questions.

  1. When will Dapp developers be able to integrate MyID into their Dapps?

  2. Is there any frameworks or criteria in place which developers would have to adhere to in order to use MyID in their Dapp?

  3. What are the restrictions stopping from MyID being utilised outside of Korea?

  4. When could using MyID outside of Korea be possible?

ICON has a golden ticket with MyID and ICONLOOP. The strides the foundation has made and the successes with MyID is amazing, correct me if I’m wrong but I’d go as far as saying ICON is market leading in terms of DID. This is a huge USP, combine this with the right marketing campaign to attract developers and I really think this could be monumental for both ICON and ICONLOOP.

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I agree. Yes, developers can integrate MyID but it is strictly for Korea. There is a framework. Restrictions are regulatory. I don’t have an answer to when MyID could be possible out of Korea.


Just to confirm whether Im understanding this correctly - does that mean that MyID integration will work only for Korean customers or that the business / app should be based in Korea?

Myid is designed to meet south korean regulation standards so it would be strictly for Korea.
So integrating did would only benefit apps that are for south korea. that’s my understanding.

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Once a framework has been laid and used, then it could be pitched to other countries as a solution.
But it would not be easy. given corruption and people wanting to line their friends pockets with their own solutions.

No reason once this is working, It could not be pitched to the private sector.
Ah let’s get it going in Korea first. i love your thought process @Paddy
Glad to see you raising stuff here!

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This is a correct understanding.

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Maybe I have not phrased my question correctly. I do understand that MyID will be only for Korean usage for the moment

What I meant was whether it would be possible in example for an app to use MyID for verification of Korean customers and another form of KYC for the customers for the rest of the world (as MyID covers all requirements for Korean customers) or whether it is an ‘all or nothing’ situation where the whole app should be targeting only the Korean market if we would like to use MyID?

As an example of what I mean - if we decide to integrate Bridge in EPICX, would we be able to use MyID to cover the DID requirements for the Korean market as an unified and easy to use form of KYC and another form of KYC for the rest of the world?

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Something that’s important for us all to grasp is that every country/region has its own rules about what identification is acceptable. It’s therefore hard to build out something that is automatically trusted by other countries.

Is the ICON Foundation putting any time/man hours into researching international ID standards and ‘joining in’ helping to design them (in much the same way as ICONloop has done in Korea)?

Whilst waiting for regions to declare official standards, can we (our public chain) get decentralised ID working for regions other than Korea? The idea we’ve thrown around a few times is to use government approved digital IDs to register/create DID’s.We then don’t need the step of using a bank like is being done in Korea with MyID (because the digital ID is issued by the bank already).


Yes, verifiers should be able to use it similar to how you’d be able to use FB Connect. The question is if anyone outside would want to use it.