Updates to ICON Technical Documentations


The ICON Technical Documentations have been significantly revised to work towards the goal of having a stronger technical community. Please raise issues in the Github repository and contribute changes for things that you would like to see in the docs. See the topic about How to use Github Issue Labels for more information


  • New docs structure. Similar to Ethereum docs. See home page
    • Getting Started: A few tutorials
    • Concepts: Information about Economics, Governance, Network, and Computational Utilities (e.g. blocks, transactions)
    • ICON Stack: Technical details and explainers about contracts, client APIs, and development environments
    • Projects: Information about BTP / Bridge, dApps, and ICON Improvement Proposals
    • Support: Links to Support channels and Advanced topics for system administrative-level debugging
    • Release Notes: Notes about major releases of goloop, which affects node operations
  • New workflow structure
    • Encouraging community contributions / leadership

Edit: Added link to Github repo in the About section

Edit 2: Here is a link to another post about the ICON Standard Diagram Elements for those who wish to contribute diagrams. Here is a link to a Github Discussion about ‘where to add diagrams?’ to the docs

Edit 3: docs.icon.community now reroutes to icondev.io. I would encourage people to use the new domain when referring people to the Icon Network technical documentations. Thanks @Jinwoo!


Edited: Can we get a quick link to the Github repo in your original post as well?


Thanks for putting this together, it is a very welcome improvement to the ICON ecosystem.