Updates to forum structure

Hi y’all. My name is Eric Solomon. I recently joined ICON Foundation as a technical lead. I think it’s really important for open-source and open-access communities to engage through forums for development and power-user support, among other topics. For that reason, I’ll be restructuring some of the forum sections to be more engaging, focused, and easier to use.

There has only been one change to an existing section. Everything else is exactly the same until we can all agree upon a better structure.

The first changes that I’ve made are as follows:

This is inspired by the structure of the Manjaro Linux forum, which I find to be very helpful, engaging and user-friendly.

Please let me know what you think of this, and if you have any suggestions to add new categories, add new subcategories, or reorganize existing categories.

Eric Solomon


Edit 2:
I’ve consolidated a couple of categories.

  • Governance now includes the “Network Proposals” category. As such, please use the appropriate subcategory for a network proposal. If you would like to suggest a new network proposal subcategory, please do so in the General Discussion category

  • Support now includes the “Q&A” category

  • Languages now includes the categories for Korean, Spanish, and Russian. This change is inspired by the Manjaro Linux forum. Please feel free to continue posting in whichever language you are comfortable with in all forum categories. The “Language” category would be a great place to get assistance from the community to better communicate your ideas in another language if you would like

  • ICON-Development now includes subcategories for Blockchain Tracker and Contribution Proposal System

  • All existing topics in consolidated categories have been consolidated as well. E.g. topics formerly in Q&A are now in Support

Edit 3: