Unique idea to promote the icon

The targets we are promoting are already cryptocurrency investors or enthusiasts who are interested in browsing the Internet well.
Honestly, the icon seems to be insensitive to fashion. How about trying something different from others first?

Method 1. Engage banks in icon’s p-rep and allow banks to give their clients the high interest they do well. It’s easy for a bank to get votes from an iconist.
Appeal themselves to iconists with 50% of node rewards.

-The bank recommends depositing icon-based stablecoins to customers at a high interest rate (dollar-linked, won-linked). This alone makes the customer attractive. But, there is another! The bank distributes 50% of the bank node compensation as icx to the customer as a percentage of the deposit amount. Isn’t it too attractive?

To customers who visit the bank
even distribution of pamphlet to promote the icon

There are TV commercials that I mentioned, but the above method costs very little. Pick up the bank


The concept is not too far from an idea I also considered but the method is what I disagree. There is allot of presumption of good will allocated to banks considering what they will chose to do with this kind of relationship.

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Initially we need to support icx for customers who deposit to bank with cps etc. Instead, it’s a condition. For the first few months, distribute the icon pamphlet to the depositing customer at the bank counter and ask the bank to use the icon network’s stablecoin, etc. Once a customer read the pamphlet and got an icx, I think it was successful.

Although it will cost , This would be much less than a TV commercial (Personal estimate: 100,000 icx including pamphlet fee) But the effect is very powerful

It is enough to give 2icx per person. Isn’t that the customer giving too little? When asked, the employee speaks to the customer. Ethereum was over $2000, but the icon’s performance is much better.
( Especially the best in Korea)
I don’t know what will happen.


Instead of supporting icx, ask the bank

  1. Distribute the icon pamphlet.
  2. To customers who deposit icon-based stablecoins, put 2icx into their wallet.
  3. Let the staff say something to the customer “Ethereum was over $2000, but the icon’s performance is much better. ( Especially the best in Korea)
    I don’t know what will happen.”

This is a personal example, and if someone has a better idea, they can add or subtract examples.

Personally, i don’t think you can tell a bank to distribute advertisement, why would they do that. There are much better ways to promote. You said 100000 icx, for that money you could get senior developer for 2 years who can showcase Icon to devs and community all day long. Most people still don’t have a clue what is crypto, not to mention wallet. 100000 icx is a lot of money and can be used in better way

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I think that now is the starting point for the popularization of blockchain. I think this year, when the public is interested, is the year when you can market effectively without being late. Therefore, I think that icon with technology and good product should spend the most money on marketing to attract various user bases this year. Because there are other good blockchains as well (competition), but ICON has its own technology. Recently, I introduced iconfi, which has a much higher interest rate, to a number of close friends who mainly use bank deposits. But they don’t use they can’t believe it. (I recommend the safest stablecoin) Coins are not recognized well. Of course, it may be only Korea, but I do not know abroad. Of course I could have been wrong. If you look at the last days I wrote, there are some mistakes,

since I was a child, I have been doing various games and have always been rich in games. Coin, my first investment in my life, was also bought at a high store in mid-December 2017, but I did not lose money by buying and selling only with the market atmosphere. I’m tired now, so I’m staking.

There could be a better way than mine, but my sense says it’s time to recruit a new class this year. I am willing to just support 1000 icx if someone runs this. Or, if someone decides to do high-quality TV commercials, they are willing to support 5,000icx. (Model: IU or Kim or Lee Seo-jin, etc.) I am an individual investor, not a p-rep, and this is a personal opinion. Investors watching this article don’t need to take it seriously.