Un-staking problem on iconex


I am unable to un-stake my ICX on iconex. I try to vote 0% on each P-Rep (I have 5), when I recheck the delegation request and vote it (no fee is curiously not mentioned), I close the window telling me that my vote request is complete but the page refreshes and displays the initial distribution again (nothing has therefore been done).

When I check the voting history on ICON Tracker, the following message displays :

« Sorry.

The string below is invalid.
Please double check your key.
Transactions being processed may not be seen. »

I removed my wallet twice. A first time in order to reconnect it by restoring my keystore file and a second time by using my private key. Both operations worked but I still have the same problem: I can’t vote my 0% delegation request in order to un-stake my ICX.

Does anyone have the solution to my problem?


please join the discord and ask there:

bear in-mind, do not communicate with scammers who send you private messages.

Hi i have the same problem
impossible to unstake the icx

I advise the same as @Ali above

If you join the ICON Discord then you can open a 1 to 1 support ticket to dig into this