Tyler64 is back again! Let's talk improvements. dApps and Talent

Let’s start w 1st principles.

ICON is a chain just like Ethereum, NEO, Zilliqa, Solana, BSC, Tron, ATOM and etc.

A chain typically uses their native token for tx fees, all is good so far.

But the value of the native token depends on the activity an ddapps on the chain.

Okay, here is the issue imo.

ICON Chain is lacking talented developers to incentivize them to come over here and buidl stuff here.

After more than 3 years of buidling the infrastructure, we only have 1 ICONBet up and running.

And BalancedDAO, OMM, Bridge coming (But these are all internal team)

ICONLOOP has contributed immaterial $ICX demand except for some good PR news that ICONLOOP has been working w some partners but more often than not, the use case of $ICX is not mentioned or not used. *Which defeats the purpose for $ICX stakeholders

For ICON to succeed and thrive, it needs a flurry of dapps activity and developers. It needs buidlers and people to build stuff here, create their own IRC tokens, drive demand for $ICX.

Look at what Terra $LUNA is doing to give u an example. They started out later than us, they have launched 2 successful products Anchor, Mirror with a strong product market fit that benefits the native token $LUNA.

To revive ICON’s glory, I suggest that we attract more developers and buidlers, we need more dapps, more protocols, it can’t just be Benny, Parrot9, IconDAO these few guys around.

We need community talent which has all gone to Solana, Ethereum, Terra, Atom, BSC but not over here ICON. This is something that we need to think about.

I think Icon is doing well from the roots.
In particular, it has interoperability that differentiates it from other blockchain platforms.

There are Icon2.0, BTP, CPS, and development for developers through CPS funding is also being promoted.

As a platform, I think Icon will become huge in earnest from this summer, and I think developers will continue to come to Icon.
(Because of Icon2.0’s cheap fees, fast speed, and interoperability)

Icon is also coming out with a lot of high quality products.

Let me list only what I know.


Games: Project Nebula, Gangstbet, Iconbet,

nft marketplace: craft,bazaar
(BTP is competitive with other nft marketplaces)

Easy payment: bridge

Music, video: project coda, vibravid

Shopping: stash

ICONLOOP products: DID, broof, Visitme, etc.

Icon makes the platform great, while also making a variety of products with high quality.

Seen from this, the roots are clear.
However, it is true that the icx price is very cheap compared to that.

I think the currently coin price is an exaggerated advertisement, influence of influencers, or a market manipulation of a huge force.

We have no hype or influencer.
I would also like to have an influencer or celebrity representing Icon.

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CPS fund should be 1 million icx at least. Moreover, Icon team should hire experienced developers to develop projects for Icon, that team thinks it’s needed. For example, we have now Defi. But how about ICON decentraland, how about one game that uses Icon (good game not some shitty one), etc…

I agree CPS is not the problem, problem is lack of developers and dapps and activities going on. Right now we can like count w our fingers that have adoption.

ICONBet, BalanceDAO that’s all. The rest are really just mini-projects for fun that have not yet proved itself to be widely adopted yet

Yes, the issue is there is a lot of competition. The idea of the foundation(also focus of them was not that much on public chain that can work if the following short coming did not exist. Either way I think foundation taking much more initiative on public chain recently) is we have the better tech they should come to build while core stuff even not created yet so there is not much market for someone to come build and profit. Another problem is the competition when there are hundreds of chains throwing money on developers and covering their certain cost since people need to cover their basic needs feed their families etc. having a lot of chains giving away money for them to something and cover the certain cost. It’s very hard for these developers to involved with the icon in the current state. Everything is not about money either. There are a lot of aspects devs are looking at on the chain like tech permissionless and more. As a developer, I can say the whole communication is not that clear (Even for me as a prep even if I try to keep up with it as much as I can.) there is no stable testnet, manual audit process …
Now where all this stuff coming from as someone who onboard a lot of icon and lost most of them besides a few who still working with other preps project on the chain I feel like I have enough insight, There is also the fact of me being part of that community since 2014. Icon 2.0 have a lot of stuff we are looking for we will see how it goes after the release. You can see stuff I mentioned from the results of hackathon type of events as well. either they provide MVP for their product on another chain then disappear or the projects are from preps. (Only expectation I know with full development completed product is iconpool which is a team we onboard. So I am not sure this counts as well. There might be another projects which I missed forgot please correct me if that’s the case.)