Token swap and iconex wallet questions

I had erc20 icx on a ledger nano which i’d misplaced and which only reappeared after several house-moves. I followed online token swap instructions with a new iconex wallet. Sent 0.0000something tiny eth to icon foundation address and 0.5 eth to iconex wallet to test. Etherscan shows transactions were successful but the eth never arrived in my iconex wallet. This was three months ago. What happened? Did the Icon foundation receive my 0.00000etc. Eth? Will the private key I imported to iconex from my ledger enable them to send tokens directly to it or do the erc20 tokens have to be transferred from my ledger to iconex first? Obviously I’m nervous about doing this after the eth no-show. Can anyone here help? I’m really not technical but some confirmation that I’m on the right track or otherwise would really be appreciated . I’ve tried to send messages to the icon foundation from their website ‘support’ page but it always fails. Grateful for any help or advice anyone can give…

I’m pretty sure its not there because you cannot send ethereum on iconex like you did. Icon is not an Erc20 token any more and own its own network so thats why I bet.

To let you in on something I sent band to my band address when it was still an erc20 token and needed to go to an ethereum address and whatever I sent hasn’t moved because when I went to try and get support I had no experience still and I didn’t understand the space even close to how I do now. Well that inexperience and me being honest good people I reached out on telegram for support and fell for a scam that sent a qr code where u ever ur seed phrase as if its giving tech support access remotely to help you . Well the network was acting slower than. Normal thank God because thieves were in my wallet stealing from me and then I realized and was like wtf am I thinking never give that seed to anyone and erc20 goes with erc20 and so forth the correct network must match the network of the token. Ethereum does not have place in Iconex wallet soon you will have I-Ethereum which is a wrapped ethereum token meaning the irc token wraps itself around the ethereum so it can be used on another network I network I ethereum Icon. I’m not technical enough to untwist the mess you have I advise to continue reaching out for support as u need to never give your private keys or seed phrase to anyone.

Thanks Redbullrun. I’ve tried looking at links on this forum which explain how to arrange the token swap to see how the instructions compare with what I did but none of them are live anymore. Still having no luck trying to contact support- does anyone from the Icon foundation ever read these posts? What happened to the Eth I sent to the wallet? Can I get it back somehow?

Hey Yeol I think your best bet is twitter and Tweet the top PREPS is what I’d suggest Sometimes you can get an admin on telegram but I’ve gotten scammed on telegram what I didn’t know what I was doing like I mentioned and luckily I learn my lesson but I just think telegram is such a poore freaking platform and service so unsafe like normal people are gonna put up with tha to their money or their assets kids scamming and people like that they need to be confident in trust. Nobody has clue about any of this Credit Unions Banks of America I figured they would be smartened up nope can’t even tell you what defi means? Iconfi is a copycat of the voyager exchange vgx token that doles out passive interest for avg a certain balance of whatever token concerned. There needs better transparency with blue collar USA and Americans in need since they need credit options and this how they would do it I have so many people I could introduce this to in the City of Boston MA and spread this thing across my country thats what platform needs user need to find thr services and know they exist can start something you don’t know I’ve been learning this space inside out over 3 years and I have some special types of luck. Sorry wrote this earlier and it never sent

Hey mate, the token swap finished quite a while ago but the ICONFi team will be supporting ERC20 ICX to mainnet ICX swaps again soon. Your best bet would be to email them at or message in their telegram group

@RedbullRun I hadn’t used telegram at all till this year but quite like it but agree it can have scammers if you sound like your not sure what your doing. I would recommend just remembering the role of running away from anyone that asks for a private key as they are most likely a scammer. Just talk to them in the public chat room and on email and they are quite responsive.

Hi @Barneymarco just checking if you had any luck. I also transferred my eth a few years ago and now it is showing “0” balance. Please guide me if you know the process? Thanks.

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