Token economic model

No currency can last forever. We have experienced it in history.
A lot of money was issued when it was needed, and eventually it collapsed and a new currency was used.
The dollar cannot last forever.

I think there are two types of coins that are absolutely upward sloping.

  1. Superior Token Economics
  2. Extremely Popular

There are two types of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Luna, etc. are scarce. It is not because the blockchain performance is excellent.

In the token economics of icon2.0 and ice, I hope there is a reason why I should continue to accumulate icx and ice.

This is an idea that suddenly came to my mind

How about combining Bitcoin and Luna’s token economy?
For example

  1. Set the maximum issuance and execute halving every 2 years
  2. When the maximum issuance is reached, it operates with a network fee and btp