Tipicon on Twitter Progress Report #1

Report Name: Tipicon On Twitter #1
Reporting Period: November 26, 2020 to December 15, 2020
Report Description: This report will go through our progress in the reporting period.

Progress in Reporting Period:

We divided the project in terms of planning to 2 different sections, which can be seen below:

  • Twitter web integrations and web interface

  • Fully integrating Twitter part with Telegram part, databases and ICON blockchain

For the first reporting period, we finished the first part. We have a fully working web prototype, in which the bot can track the user, send DM, listen for any entry to a subject(hashtag and such). It can also utilize “tip” command and further commands will be integrated at a later stage, when the chain and databases are fully integrated.

Project Completion Percentage:

We estimate that we have finished around 30% of the project, which leaves us with remaining 70%. Since we are already experienced in developing bot systems, we expect no hurdles.

Remaining Time to Completion:

We expect to finish all integrations in the next month, then we proceed with public testing and little tweaks and performance improvements. Hence, we can expect 2 months, as discussed before in the proposal.

Expected Results for the Next Period:

As already mentioned, we expect to be finished with a complete working prototype in the next period and go for public testing and feedback gathering for the rest of the progress interval.

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