Tipicon On Twitter #3

Report Name: Tipicon On Twitter #3
Reporting Period: January 13, 2021 to February 13, 2021
Report Description: This report will go through our progress in the reporting period.

Progress in Reporting Period:

We dedicated last period to public testing and tweaks to the system before going to mainnet. We released our system to testnet and tested the overall product, carried required bug fixes and improvements. Participation in testing was rather low, but we believe that ICONists will utilize this product when it is on the mainnet.

Project Completion Percentage:

We are done with this project, ready to go for mainnet in terms of functionality. We only have minor UI improvements and some information fixes. We realized that Twitter filters tweets made by accounts that have low followers. Hence, we need to have some followers before utilizing the whole system in terms of reply. We planned our launch in two terms, first people will only be registered. To be registered, they must follow “Piconbello”, “Tipicon” and “ICON Foundation”. Then, after having some followers, we will open the whole system, since we will have a better score for Twitter filtering.

Remaining Time to Completion:

If everything goes as planned, in terms of deployment and server maintenance, we should go to mainnet in a month or so.

Expected Results for the Next Period:

We believe ICONists will utilize this product since Tipicon for Telegram was a huge success. We hope to reach a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts and show them an easy way to experience the ICON network.

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