Tipicon maintainance

We like to answer some questions and gather feedback for the rejected project. To start with we made a calculation mistake since we are not that familiar with our new structure and it’s ovehead so proposal will be at 10k. The rest is about questions.

About metrics metrics are low since telegram mostly abandoned by the icon and majority of users coming from iconpinas group changed the bot. At the moment it gains around 100 members monthly on discord at around 1000 user.

About fees covering the cost, it doesn’t work we experiment with it. Since tips are actually on the chain it’s already a fee there sending another tx directly triples the cost of any tip. Not to mention icon 2.0 increased token transactions fee significantly.

About mongo db atlas cost it’s the lowest tier we can have. The reason we have atlas is we required client-side encryption to protect private keys which required MongoDB enterprise since cost of licence going to be much higher for us we build around mongo atlas.

Why we are continuing this product while the market is down and community engagement is low this is for community and mainly for omm and balanced over discord atm. We will keep adding tokens as long as there is a request. The next one in line was Idoge. We are not active over discord so I can’t comment on which tokens are looking for something like that in their community but that’s the whole plan for the future adding tokens and keep it running.