Tipicon dApp Integration Progress Report #2

Report Name: Tipicon dApp Integration Progress Report #2

Reporting Period: July 22 2020 to August 20, 2020

Report Description: This report will go through KPIs and milestones of Tipicon and Piconbello’s progress in the reporting period.

Tipicon KPIs:

Since our latest report, Tipicon had another milestone, which was shared here. We managed to pass the 2 million transactions threshold and average 40,000 transactions daily.

Currently, we have around 2.9 million transactions and we will share another milestone when we feel the number as a milestone.

Progress in Reporting Period:

Although testnet was down for like 2 weeks, we believe we managed to develop quite a lot for this timeframe, which we are glad to. Our progress is presented with its details below.

Since our latest report, we managed to finalize the most general design for DAOlottery. We developed the promised model, in which users can buy a random ticket(s), buy desired tickets and create a subscription for a duration for either random ticket(s) or desired tickets.

When players go to the DAOlottery menu, they are presented with the menu above.

For the players that want to try their luck, “Buy A Random Ticket” creates a random ticket order and asks for confirmation for that random ticket. Randomness can be seen from the images below.

If a player wants to buy a random ticket, they need to press the “Buy Ticket” button.

They buy the ticket after confirming the request, which can be seen from the image above. They are also routed to the main menu for convenience.

To check the status of the transaction, players can press “Check here” hyperlink, which will route to the tracker and can be seen from here for this request.

For the players that go big, that is, that want to buy multiple tickets, we have developed the “Purchase Tickets” option. Following menu will appear when clicked on the button.

For this option, players have 2 options. They can either buy N amount of tickets randomly or they type each ticket that they want to buy and send it as text.

When input like the image above is sent, 10 randomly selected tickets will be presented to the user, which can be seen from the image below.

Again, Tipicon asks for confirmation of the request.

After confirming the request, 10 randomly selected tickets will be bought for the player, which can be checked here.

Another option is to have desired ticket numbers to be sent to the chat, with the format defined in the text. As an example, check the following image.

When this input is sent, 3 tickets with the desired numbers will be created for the player, which can be seen below.

After confirming the request, desired tickets will be bought for the player, which can be seen from the images below and checked from tracker here.

For the regular players, we went with the subscription model. Subscription model directly follows the “Purchase Tickets” model, in which players can buy either N amount of random tickets or tickets with the desired numbers. Key difference between the models is, “Purchase Tickets” option will work for once, whereas the “Subscription” model will work for the desired number of days. To create a subscription, players need to press the “Subscription” button from the main menu of DAOlottery.

They will be presented with the menu above. Clicking on the subscribe button will present the players the required input style for their subscription.

If player wants to subscribe for N random tickets for M number of days, he/she needs to send the request like the format below.

When sent, players will be presented with a confirmation window and they are also notified with the daily cost and daily number of tickets they want to buy, which can be seen from the following image.

After confirming the request, the player’s subscription will start and it will be listed in the “Subscription” menu.

When clicked on the subscription, players will be allowed to increase/decrease their subscription size or cancel their subscription before it terminates. However, due to some inconsistency in either our backend/Telegram, sometimes the subscription button does not present the player with the menu described above. For this report, an additional subscription will be created and a menu will be shown from there, and this issue will be solved before the mainnet release.

After clicking on the subscription, users can add new tickets by clicking on “+ Ticket” button, decrease the tickets by clicking on “- Ticket” button or cancel the whole subscription.

Increasing the subscription size is handled with the menu above. Amount entered with the format described above will increase the ticket number for that subscription with that amount. That is, let’s say the player has a subscription of 10 tickets and wants to increase it to 15. Then, with the menu above, he/she needs to enter 5 tickets and incrementation will be carried.

After confirming the request above, subscription will be increased to 15.

Decreasing the subscription size has the same approach, hence it will not be covered in this report.

To cancel the subscription “Close Subscription” button can be utilized.

After confirming the request, the desired subscription will be cancelled.

Another way of creating the subscription is to have desired numbers and timeframe. Due to limitation in Telegram, Tipicon cannot process timeframe, new line, desired number, new line format, hence first desired ticket numbers need to be put without any new line, which can be seen below.

After confirmation of the request, a new subscription will be listed as “Preferred Tickets” as can be seen above. Players can also close the subscription for the preferred tickets, which can be seen below.

To see subscription tickets, feel free to check the image below.

“My Live Tickets” at the main menu lists the current tickets you have for the next round of the lottery. To have a better UX, we plan to limit the number of tickets shown here to some number, yet currently we list the latest tickets that were bought from the “Purchase Tickets” menu.

“My Ticket History” button will list some dates, in which players can check their bought tickets at that date.

“Previous Drawings” button works like the “My Ticket History” button, in which players are presented with dates and winning numbers at that date.

We have tested these date features on mainnet, hence we are sure it is working as intended. Dates on testnet are a bit misleading.

To check live action of DAOlottery integration, with a non-included way of subscription, check following video https://youtu.be/os2o_yn2Tuw.

Overall, we are happy with our progress for DAOlottery and almost ready for mainnet. We are currently working on winning announcements for winning tickets and gathering feedback from our public testing group, with the fixes mentioned above.

For the next dApp, we decided to proceed with our decision, because we wanted to carry a different approach. We plan to release DAOlevels integration of Tipicon at the same time with mainnet release of DAOlevels itself. Our current progress can be seen from this video https://youtu.be/LPRQWHnfBmo. We are currently not showing the bomb, which is a planned UI improvement. We are also presented with another Telegram limitation and have to find a creative solution to change the bet amount.

Project Completion Percentage:

Since we are almost ready for mainnet for DAOlottery and most of the DAOlevels is completed, we believe that we are 45% completed with our project.

Remaining Time to Completion:

We believe we will complete all of the dApp integrations that were proposed to the mainnet in around 4-5 weeks, if everything goes as planned. Network situations, such as testnet being down, affects our plans drastically, hence this is our best estimation. Since both ICON Swap and FutureICX will change drastically, in terms of application design. Since we have already integrated part of ICON Swap to Tipicon and there is no estimated time on both projects for their reshaping, we plan to delay FutureICX integration until further notice and proceed with ICON Swap integration when rework is completed.

Expected Results for the Next Period:

As mentioned before, we plan to finalize all of our dApp integrations to Tipicon for the upcoming period, if everything goes as planned. This will cover the improvements and bug fixes of DAOlottery and DAOlevels, complete design of DAOdice and reshaping ICON Swap design after rework is complete at their side.

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