Throw a Hybrid Virtual/In-Person ICON Conference

Throw a Hybrid Virtual/In-Person ICON Conference

World-Class Event Production Team

REIMAGINE is a semi-monthly virtual blockchain event brought to you by MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator. Our mission is to empower newbies and veterans alike with the knowledge they need to build a decentralized future. We have successfully created a forum for education, academic, industry, and enterprise communities that serves as the industry standard for virtual blockchain events. Now, our goal is to use our platform to tell the world about the ICON network and all the community has to offer.

Our Success

We have worked with some of the biggest names in crypto, including over 500 industry partners and universities, for a total of over 400 hours of curated content. Our viewers include more than 50,000 attendees from across 20 countries who have watched 2M minutes (33,000 hours) of content. Notable speakers include industry leaders such as Min Kim, Roger Ver, Michael Saylor, Mark Yusko, Erik Voorhees, Sam Bankman-Fried and many more.

The Numbers:

25M+ twitter impressions

400K+ live viewers and attendees

50K+ event responses


MouseBelt P-Rep

For the last 3 events, we’ve re-invested our node earning to cover some of the costs of production and designate ICON as an official sponsor. This has allowed us to highlight the ICON community by hosting multiple contributors as guest speakers including Min Kim, Scott Smiley, Daeki Lee and Ricky Dodds. We’ve also hosted Geometry Labs, IBriz, ICONists, Project Nebula, along with a panel of speakers including Parrot9 and ICONOsphere and CTO Galen Danziger of MouseBelt.

2021 Highlights

2021 was a big year for the ICON community, with members going above and beyond to help drive further adoption of the protocol. Last year, REIMAGINE was a part of the excitement around BTP, ICON 2.0, Dapp growth and other network developments that set the tone further validating the $ICX family as a leading Layer 1 protocol.

Accelerating ICON adoption in 2022

We want to hear from you!

This is an event for ICON by ICON! If funded, our goal is to have fellow ICONists join the conversation, guiding the direction of the event and having a say on what content we highlight. Help us spread the word about the ICON community!

How We’ll Do It

Invite the Community

  • ICON P-Rep teams
  • ICON Dapp projects
  • ICE/Snow

Host panels & discussions

  • Polkadot - Introduce ICON to the Polkadot Community
  • BTP Team
  • BTP Partners- Harmony, Polkadot, NEAR, BSC

Deliver the Highest Quality Content

  • All the tools and resources needed for top production value
  • Dedicated production crew for the project
  • Not just another zoom call… we’ll have video editors, audio technicians, production grade equipment, cameras/mics, lighting

Workshops: Products, Features and Demos

  • Collaborate with ICON community partners to produce workshops such as…
    • “How to” events. Ie. How to launch a smart contract, etc.
    • Technical tutorials & product demos - Balanced, OMM, Bridge, Other apps
  • ICON ecosystem token giveaways
  • What else do you feel is critical for this ICON conference?
  • Our team will work directly with community members regarding their input and suggestions for the success of this event.

The Team Behind This Project

MouseBelt (P-Rep)

MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator is an ecosystem building the future of blockchain innovation and education. We’re constantly working to improve the blockchain industry through our full-service accelerator, engineering services, media, and educational programs. Some notable projects include:

  • Accelerator portfolio boasts successful participants valued at over $100M
  • REIMAGINE Virtual Conference - Over the last 18 years have produced 11 of the highest quality virtual conferences in the world.
  • COINS - First-of-its-kind, Hollywood-level documentary series telling the story of the tidal wave caused by crypto and blockchain, the ways it has upended the global financial system and beyond. Receiving over 700k views, this series interviews some of the top leaders in crypto: Erik Voorhees, Sam Bankman Fried, Paolo Ardoino, Raoul Pal, Meltem Demirors, Bill Barhydt and more.
  • MouseBelt University - a network of students from over 100 universities in 24 countries. Includes the Blockchain Education Alliance, a network of industry leaders supporting blockchain education and research at universities and beyond, of which ICON was a founding member.
  • Early collaborators on Balanced Network
  • Early collaborators on ICE

Sponsor Benefits

Community Title Sponsorship - ICON

Marketing the ICON brand:

  • Sponsor wipes - “This segment brought to you by…” before, during, and after segments
  • During Interviews - “Sponsored by ICON” shown 2-4x per interview
  • Video Commercials - 15-30 sec ads between segments
  • Host endorsement - Hosts talk about ICON, ICON projects, ICON community, updates, programs, campaigns.

Maximum Distribution

  • All content immediately posted on Youtube channel for replay.
  • ICON Foundation, ICON participants, partners may reuse the content for further marketability
  • 24/7, 365, Globally
    • Youtube, Website, blogs, PR, Newsletter, conference participants
    • International Visibility - borderless, airing in multiple countries/regions, in all time zones
  • Partner Reach
    • We’ve established a robust network of ecosystem partners, businesses, conference participants promoting the event resulting in exponential growth on a global scale

Supporting Sponsors - Applications

  • Ibriz Team


Pre-Production Schedule

  • 8 weeks out - Coordinate with ICON participants, community, formulate the direction of the conference. Booking and scheduling logistics.
  • 6 weeks out - Begin production on event banners, websites, marketing assets, animation graphics and guest artwork, send first newsletter to community
  • 5 weeks out - Speaker booking begins, traveling, set up at location, on-set logistics
  • 4 weeks out - Start interviewing over 2 week period, second newsletter to community with speaker names announcement
  • 2 weeks out - Editing all event interviews, social media pre-marketing deployment strategy activated, targeting all participants via twitter
  • 1 week out - Continued social media deployment and marketing campaign, 3rd newsletter to community with schedule, guest announcements, giveaways, and updates
  • 3 days out - Reminder newsletter, rollout of final speaker announcements, conference agenda/schedule shared publicly


  • 0- Conference live stream kicks off, aggressive social media drip campaign activated, newsletter and twitter announcement to kick off event, all live stream links shared to community, partners, speakers to access content
  • +1 day - prepare for day 2 live stream, send out ICYMI emails, next day speaker announcements, conference announcements, day speaker agenda
  • +2 days - repeat

Post Conference

  • Thank you note sent via newsletter
  • Post videos on youtube
  • (ICYMI) - Drip campaign of promo clips of interviews


REIMAGINE 2021 v12
Budget Report
Graphic Designer Cost
TOTAL SPEND: $3,442.00
Video Production Cost
TOTAL SPEND: $7,200.00
Online Advertising Cost
TOTAL SPEND: $1000.00
SaaS & Streaming Infrastructure Cost
TOTAL SPEND: $1,825.45
Staff Related Cost
TOTAL SPEND: $39,700.00
Press Release Distribution Cost
TOTAL SPEND: $277.00
Hospitality, Venue, Travel, Lodging Cost
TOTAL SPEND: $6935.00
RI2021 V12 Production Related Expenses $60,379.45

Funding Requested for this Proposal

Requesting 30,000 bnUSD, approximately 50% of costs. The conference team will reach out to additional sponsors to cover remaining costs.

Contact Us

  • Galen Danziger - CEO - galen@mousebelt(dot)com
  • Ashlie Meredith - Operations - ashlie@mousebelt(dot)com
  • Adam Leon - Sales - adam@mousebelt(dot)com
  • Roshan Mirajkar - roshan@mousebelt(dot)com
  • Lucas Meiderios

Hey all - I’m with the MouseBelt team and contribute to the ICON ecosystem. I’d like to hear from you. Let us know if you like the idea, and what types of things you’d like to see done - we’ll try to plan it in.


I like the work you have done for ICON, however, I do not feel that it gets the right exposure. ICON suffers from the same problems time and time again, this $60k is better spent on other marketing activities with high profile crypto influencers.

Hi Dong-hyun-
Your concern is fair and noted. We appreciate your feedback! Thank you for your response and hope to answer some concerns I’m sure others may have. This is exactly what we want, our community to voice their opinions. Working with crypto influencers we feel should be invited/included for this ICON event. Happy to explore these options- please feel free to let us know if you have any specific in mind……

The ICON conference will target:

  • ICON community gets to have some control in producing the conference content
  • ICON deserves to be represented on the same stage as other Layer 1 blockchains like Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC, NEAR and others
  • Better quality content around ICON
  • Expand and market ICON branding outside of ICON community
  • Exposing ICON network to new users and developers
  • Cross promotion between chains and BTP partners
  • ICE- great opportunity to incorporate and talk about ICE with other EVM compatible chains and partners

Again, thank you for providing your feedback on our proposal!

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