The general public from Korea is now starting to enter(It's time to spend big money on marketing)

Marketing for Koreans who don’t know the coin should start quickly.

I have told people around me to buy coins from before.
They ask me these days. How do I buy coins? What did you buy?
Of course I recommend the icon, but they ask about Bitcoin and Ethereum.
When you search for cryptocurrency in Korea, the icon does not appear well. Too bad marketing.
If not actively now, they are more likely to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ada. They just buy these because they’ve heard a lot

I think. The icon is definitely better than these.

It is time to transform icon blockchain into a famous brand in Korea.
I don’t know much about icons, but for example, iconfi, bridge, ,icon2.0(relayer)
And the balanced airdrip is also attractive.

Bank of Korea interest is too low.

Iconfi’s usdc(t) is stable and has a very high interest rate.
If the public feels this is safe, many will choose it.(In particular, the KRW-linked stablecoin)

It is good that the icon solidifies the title of Ethereum in Korea.
Indeed, the icon deserves it.

The Korean public is just beginning.
We also have to react quickly.

It would be a good idea to find an honest and trustworthy celebrity to advertise.( IU, 김연아, 이서진 등)
They don’t have to join the icon ecosystem. Finding a model and advertising a product will also be effective. defi deposits (iconfi, balanced, etc.), bridge,

커뮤니티 확인 아이콘
(It may even be among the iconist.)

In fact, how much can icx be possible if it ranks certainly first in Korea alone?

100 dollars?
1icx=500 dollars is possible


It’s time to spend a lot of money on marketing.
Advertise in different countries (TV)
Bridges and iconbets in countries with a lot of casino inflow, and general financial Defi ecosystem in Korea

Now is the time to spend money on marketing.

I think TV is the best advertisement.


This is the right time!


no, its not. It takes a lot of money. Best is advertising with youtube videos live and with crypto community and some celebrity


There are more people who didn’t know cryptocurrency. We should bring these too.
And now is the time to marketing aggressively.

I think they will help increase prices and help defend against declines.

Imagine that the price of coins peaked and the long bearish market started again.
I think they will potentially help support price.
Because it’s a potential customer to buy if the price drops a lot
-> Then the price won’t be 100 pieces.

As a matter of caution
I think I shouldn’t advertise for the purpose of buying icx.