The FutureICX alpha demo is live!

The time has come for us to show the Iconists what we have been working on! The alpha demo of FutureICX is live, so feel free to check it out!

You will be able to login with you own ICONex wallet (we have provided a guide for setting up the Testnet wallet and using Testnet ICX to place predictions here), compete with other players on what the future ICX price will be and even receive weekly dividends from the activity-generated ICX pool.

As our app is designed to have daily and weekly preditions, in order to provide a more interactive experience, we have decided to boost the timings in the demo and have a new prediction taking place every 10 mins (and respectively being resolved 10 mins after the prediction period closes). As setting such short prediction intervals will without a doubt result in less player predictions being placed for each period, we have decided to add several bots that will place predictions in a random 5% range of the current price - would you be able to predict the price better then them?

We have tried to make FutureICX (and its respective demo) as close to what we think that our players will be happy with, but in the end your opinion of our work, regardless if positive or negative, will be what could drive us even further forward, so in order to incentivize all Iconists to share their experience with us, we have decided to provide a reward for the ones that help us out the most.

That is why we will give a 100 ICX to each of the top 5 most well contructed feedback comments that we receive via our app’s feedback option. So just go on our demo site, have fun and while doing that, drop us a line of what your impression of the app is. We will see you there! :slight_smile:

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