Technical Video Content Survey

Link to Technical Video Content Survey

The question is:

What sort of technical video content do y’all like to consume to learn about a new topic?

I’ve posed this question in Discord in the DEV::dev_discussion channel and in Telegram in the the ICON Dev (Community) channel. Here’s the results so far:

Shorter, animated videos – 1
Shorter, live-person videos – 3
Longer, developer-console videos – 11
Longer, live-person videos – 1

Personally, animated videos that can be easily shared on social media platforms.

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@Eric Thanks! How would you define your role in the technical community?

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Hey @errcsool,

I looked through all the options and it seems like they each serve a different purpose. It really depends what you are trying to achieve.

Shorter, animated videos - Good short marketing material?

Shorter, live-person videos - Good short marketing material?

Longer, developer-console videos - Good deep dives for people who want to learn to code Java SCORE. I believe this is best to suit the developer base.

Longer, live-person videos - Great for conferences.



This is a fantastic question my friend.

In the Icon ecosystem, I’m a investor, shiller, boots on the ground educator, and now researching ICON to find ways to contribute.

Feel free to hit me up on the discord in the general or DEV::dev_discussion channel and we can talk a bit about different avenues of contribution or how to find a group to work with