Targeting the Korean market (let's become Samsung Electronics in the blockchain world)

Koreans believe that if Samsung Electronics collapses, the country will fall. Because of such strong belief, ants have almost doubled the market cap of Samsung Electronics in just one year (despite the sale of institutions).

icon is the most promising blockchain in Korea. It is natural to target the global market, but There is no company yet succeeding to targetting the Korean market in the public blockchain
It would be nice to start with a simple stable coin. If there is tether abroad, Korea has iconwon, and in Korea it is inconvenient to cash out tether. There is also a risk of a plunge in the meantime because other coins have to be bought and sent to Korea.
How about icon occupying Korean stable coin first?
This is used in various ways such as foreign money exchange (tether, currency exchange, liquidity supply,
Deposit, etc. when traveling for foreigners), and the fee will help to lower icon inflation (iconwon=1000won fixed).
The condition for this to succeed
Iconwon should be easily and immediately cashable. Last day Binance tried in Korea, but I think this was impossible in cashable and failed.
I think it’s good to cooperate with a bank.

I know that the only blockchain in which data becomes an interchain in Korea is an icon.
KB Finance and Shinhan Bank have also declared their entry into the coin world, so how about aiming for this opportunity?

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