Tapping the NFT craze

Googling about NFT… I found that genuine artists complaining about stolen/fake listings on Opensea, Sorare etc. … Why Icon should not tap this opportunity to collaborate/provide identity verification for the artists on these platforms so that the genuine NFTs are listed?

Sorry, If I am wrong about Icon functionality (i’m just a hodler) or if the idea is already perceived by Icon.


I think the same way.
Blockchain is a technology of trust.

I think that in order to produce an NFT, The identity of the nft producer must be verified and the product must be produced. The same goes for buying.
At least for now, The identity of the nft producer must be verified their identity.
nft is also a property.
Someone will pay taxes later on the nft trade.

The nft marketplace team should consider this

We have a variety of icon wallets. I think it is also a way to introduce the kyc authentication function to one wallet.

Another way is to form a KYC certification team until ICONLOOP’s DID certification is applied to several countries as well.

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The irony is that the most of the blockchain service providers,exchanges, markets…are not serious about adapting trusted login/verification using providers like Icon, Civic etc.

They must understand the fact that sooner or later many governments/countries are going to adopt stricter rules/regulation regarding AML & other illicit transactions…hence identification with trust becomes very important.

It is always a good idea to keep your business clean and globally accepted…rather than restricting it to few zones …as the rules or governments change…Civic has tied up with makersplace but they are not forcing it as other login options are there …the creators & buyers should be smart enough to use it …

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