T-Bears v1.5.0 services cannot be started

T-Bears worker services cannot be started locally

Steps to Reproduce:
Install T-Bears v1.5.0 via pip install tbears or build from the source.

More Info:

ICON Packages

iconcommons 1.1.2
iconrpcserver 1.4.9
iconsdk 1.2.0
iconservice 1.6.0

Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04 (WSL)

The only thing that seemed abnormal during installation was the libleveldb1 being deprecated, libleveldb1v5 was installed instead.

Unfortunately, tbears stopped working in WSL, as it uses a new version of plyvel that isn’t compatible anymore with WSL.
There is an incompatibility of the WSL filesystem (that uses the hosts filesystem, so NTFS on Windows) that prevents tbears from writing the blockchain state to the NTFS disk, so whenever you start it, it crashes.

The alternative solution that I’m using for keeping working fully on Windows is this one now :

  • Install Docker Desktop on Windows
  • Download the tbears docker image provided by iconloop
  • Modify it in order to share a folder with your Windows host containing your SCORE source code
  • Launch tbears in docker
  • You can still use tbears commands in WSL now, as they will query your local tbears instance in docker.
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Just reporting back to confirm this method works.

Follow this guide: https://nickjanetakis.com/blog/setting-up-docker-for-windows-and-wsl-to-work-flawlessly to setup Docker Desktop for Windows and integrate it to your Ubuntu WSL.

Alternatively you can install virtual instances such as vmwware or virtualbox and proceed with the regular pip install found in the documentation here: https://www.icondev.io/docs/tbears-installation

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I had issues unrelated to this on Windows and “solved” them by spinning up a Hyper-V based Ubuntu instance. Seems to be integrated in Windows out of the box, so a good option too.
Using it as my dev environment now.

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