Syntropy ICX- ICX funded reforestation project. where to begin

My long term dream is to help build a decentralized (antifragile) society. I believe that if highly motivated and passionate individuals are supported, they could start projects that will help improve all our lives. This is why I am in ICON.

I am a regenerative farmer. I’ve been doing this since 2016. Financial success is currently hard in this field, but happiness, physical health, social and mental well being is certainly in an all-time-high. Present consumers have little demand (that is, price not catching up) for nutritious, organic fruits, vegetables and meat, but I am betting this will change in the future.

I have invested into ICX and I’m certainly motivated to help build it. The more the price improves, the more money I can fund my reforestation project.

There are a few groups of regenerative farmers around the world and I hope to reach out to them in the future. And perhaps, this is where the ICON blockchain can be used.For now, it’s just all planting and building.

See you in the future!

– marvirafael

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Praying ICX will blast through ATH and we’ll create a funding mechanism for highly motivated and passionate regenerative farmers around the world. This is one way of spreading the ICON economy.

a.) Economic b.) Social c.)Environmental Sustainability - Syntropic Farming

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