SuperNode Racing CPS Proposal

SuperNode Racing CPS Proposal

With all the excitement about NFTs and the fun that comes with all of the racing games out there we wanted to build our own version that is both fun and potentially profitable for the users. A lot of gamers are crypto savvy and we believe with our unique graphics and fun competitive/co-operative racing aspects we could draw in even the least crypto involved gamer/race fan.

What is an NFT and why should I care?

NFTs are currently the “hot trend” but honestly we believe it’s just starting still. There’s too many digital art NFTs that are (in honesty) useless. They can be saved or copied or scammed way too easily and they aren’t actually useful for anything but saying “I have X piece of artwork as an NFT”. We aren’t bashing those types of NFTs, we just believe there should be more to an NFT than being a piece of art. This is where a utility NFT token comes into play. Everyone should be asking “What can my NFT -DO- for me?”. And we believe we’ve come up with a really entertaining, engaging, and profitable answer. What if you could use your NFT to gain reputation, win ICX (or other tokens), and customize to your liking to make a visually stunning art piece as well? That’s what SuperNode Racing is all about.

So what is an NFT exactly? It’s a virtual object that is unique and individual meaning you own that digital object. It can be a piece of artwork, some music, a virtual kitty, etc. It’s a type of collectible that is built and stored on the blockchain.

Why should you care? Because your NFT can not only grow in value over time but with games like SuperNode Racing it could even MAKE you money while having fun.

What is SuperNode Racing?

They say a picture it worth a thousand words so let’s start there:


Enough said? No? Okay okay, so SuperNode Racing is a blockchain game where you can build and OWN (yes, you OWN the virtual car that you build) your own racing cars that are styled around blockchain tokens like ICX. There will be shells/designs for BTC, ETH, DOGE, and others as well with all different types of cars you can build. You’ll also be able to customize your rims, decals, spoiler, and internal components like engine, breaks, suspension, tires, etc. We want to give the user the freedom to build the best racing car their hearts can dream of, and then RACE them! That’s right, there will be a racing game aspect where you can race your car you built against your friends for fun or for prizes/tokens. There will be multiple different types of racing modes from regular street racing, drag racing, time trial ladders, and even team based racing where you’ll be part of a team against other teams trying to come in first and win the trophy, unique title, and grand prize. Not to mention the bragging rights. The cars will be 3D models as well so the racing will be in 3D. Also some special select NFT shells will come with 4k art versions (and maybe even more!).

How do I get the parts to build a sick whip?

The cheapest way is by winning races and participating in online promotions, but you’ll also be able to purchase different types of crates from the marketplace with ICX/ICE that will contain random parts, shells, decals, and other special NFT treats for tricking out your rides and your garages. There will also be a player-run marketplace for buying/selling everything you can find in the crates so you’ll be able to earn ICX/ICE by selling rare and desired items.

There will be a variety of crates. Some can just contain parts, or decals, or others that have a bit of everything. There will also be different tiers of crates so that you can know a general range of possible tier levels of the random items you’ll get from the crates.

SuperNode Racing In-Game Token ($SUPR)

Unfortunately, just like in the real world, gas isn’t free :(, so what do our virtual cars run on? Well SUPREME Gas of course! You will need SUPR tokens in order to race your awesome cars. You will be able to purchase SUPR tokens with ICX/ICE and possibly other ERC20 ICE tokens at your local SuperNode Gas Station which will be special NFTs that players can purchase and build their own little business with by buying and selling SUPR tokens. We will not be allowing players to trade their SUPR tokens with other players directly (cause we are like the mean evil government and want to regulate gas D:, no it’s because we want players to create their own micro economies within the game and make their own money!), you’ll only be able to sell/buy SUPR tokens to/from the Gas Stations.

The other way to get SUPR tokens is our most exciting system which will be a social interaction/engagement method! Meaning you can earn SUPR tokens for FREE by sharing stuff about SuperNode Racing, pics of your cars, your wins, news/events/promotions, videos of yourself playing, and lots of other awesome content to sites like twitter, facebook, and possibly even twitch! Yes this means that you can earn SUPR for FREE and then sell it for ICX/ICE (and possibly other tokens) at Gas Stations!!! SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??

Here’s the Kicker

We are going to be building SuperNode Racing not only as a browser game but a MOBILE app as well. “Well that’s not so special” you say? Well get this, as a mobile app we can allow players to purchase in-game app currency through Apple and Android and we can LINK that currency with ICE (through another ERC20 ICE token), SAY WHAAAAAAAA AGAIN?! Yes, whenever someone buys the in-game currency like everyone can in mobile games these days we will transfer the token to their linked ICE wallet that they will have created when they start our mobile application (or link with their existing ICE wallet). Then whenever they spend their in-game application currency it will also use their ERC20 ICE token in their wallet so both will be used. So not only is this mind blowing BUT the people playing through the mobile app don’t even have to know what crypto is! They may not even care if they have the ERC20 ICE token in their wallet or not because to them on the app they are just buying and spending their in-game currency. I know you’ll have lots of questions but this is possible because they aren’t purchasing crypto (which isn’t allowed through mobile apps that aren’t exchanges/wallets) and instead they are purchasing in-game currency which IS allowed on mobile apps (funny how you can buy virtual in-game currency but not virtual crypto currency right? lmao).

Update Regarding ICE Network

Times are very exciting for ICON and with the announcement of the ICE EVM Network we have decided that instead of programming SCOREs on the ICON Network we will actually start SNR by programming in solidity to get it ready for the ICE EVM Network. We can do this by setting up our own testnet for a parachain that will be almost exactly like ICE and all we’ll have to do is import to the ICE chain and change to use the ICE tokens and SUPR tokens on the ICE Network. We know being one of the first dapps and maybe even games on the ICE Network will bring a lot of attention to both ICE and ICX and are excited for the future of ICON going forward!


This is clearly an ambitious project and will of course take time to build, test, and release to the completeness and perfection we know you guys expect! So we are going to say it will take 8 months to build to completion, but we will have Alpha and Beta testing happening during this 8 month period. This means that some progress reports might not contain a lot of mind blowing information but we will show everything we’ve done during that month for the monthly payment. We won’t be skipping progress reports at all and progress will be shown every month, I just don’t want to copy and paste the same stuff below in different milestones which is why you see some day 2 month.

Project Milestones

1st Milestone (1 month):

  • Show progress with front-end Unity application
  • Show progress with back-end Scores
  • Show details about how our social engagement system will work
  • Show progress with art

2nd Milestone (2 month):

  • Have more details and functionality on the front-end
  • Testable Scores on testnet
  • Alpha version for internal and invited testers
  • Start working on Unity racing aspect

3rd Milestone (2 month):

  • Start Beta testing
  • Completed front-end app
  • Completed smart contracts on testnet
  • All artwork for release being finalized
  • Finalize social engagement aspects

4th Milestone (2 month):

  • Complete Unity racing aspect and start testing
  • Pre-Sale of crates and car shells

5th Milestone (1 month):

  • Full release on mainnet
  • Marketing with multiple preps and on social media platforms

Funding Amount Requested

This is where I’m sure some of you will balk, but I hope we’ve talked about enough of what will go into everything to build this game and the uniqueness not only from the cars and parts system, but the social engagement system, the in-game mobile currency link to the ICE Network (which has never been done before), the images we’ve already paid to have made, and our reputation in the ICON community that you see that we are dead serious about making this project and bringing it to ICON. We think this could be a way for everyday mobile applications players to start connecting with the ICON ecosystem and community.

We are asking for 100,000 ICX to complete this project ($80,000 USD @ $0.80 ICX). We are padding this number in ICX/USD a bit because as we’ve all seen from the last month of the market things can change quickly. We also make a promise to pay back the CPS system any USD (in ICX) over the $80,000 mark that we might make from the CPS system if ICX goes up.

Please keep in mind that this will be paid out to us over 8 months of the project and only after every monthly progress report is APPROVED by YOU guys. This means that the USD value of ICX can fluctuate severely in a bull or bear market over the course of the project. So please keep that in mind when making a decision about the cost of this project in ICX.

2 Solidity Developers @ $2,000 per month = $16,000 x 2 = $32,000

1 Unity Objective-C app developer @ $2,000 per month = $16,000

1 Unity 3D vehicle modeler $5,000 for the models

1 Unity 3D environmental modeler $5,000 for all the tracks/environments

1 Design Artist $10,000 for the 2D car images, parts, all 2D work

1 Project Manager @ $1,500 per month = $12,000

Total = $80,000

Who are we?

GPS Gaming

We are GPS Gaming. The company was formed by veteran ICON community members Geo Dude, Paolo, and Shikamaru (now known as TJ Hunt) in 2020 to build games for ICONbet. We are experienced in the ICON blockchain technology and have a proven track record having built multiple communities now including the ICON Asset Management Prep, token and community. We brought on Aatomik from the ICONbet Prep and his friend in late 2020 as artists and are onboarding more devs as we are writing this proposal. We are focused strictly on ICON, we love ICON and that’s where we want to build our empire and help all ICONists succeed!

What we have built:

ICONbet Lottery

ICONbet War

ICONbet Colors

What we are working on currently (some are collab with other teams):

ICONbet Sic Bo (in testing, out soon)

ICONbet Jungle Jackpot (going into testing, out soon)

ICONbet Lucky Slots (almost at testing)

ICONbet Holdem Poker (in testing, out this year)

ICONbet Liquid Sportsbook (in development)

this look of interest.


Looks great and a fun game. Good luck with proposal and build.

Great Idea. Cant wait!

The idea is fresh and cool.

What we need right now is a nice and great dApp.

We still need a lot of solid dApps.

I consider this team to be the core team that plays a big role in the Icon network.

For now, I think we should support a team that is so full of ideas and able to execute.

Icon seems to have a lot of great game developers.
Games also generate many transactions.

Let’s push a great game~ Make me an nft strategy card game

There is so much wrong with your proposal, I don’t know where to start and the fact you are applying again is rediculous. So let’s start with this point, 6 months ago you ‘hired’ 2 Solidity Developers @ $2,000 per month = $16,000 x 2 = $32,000

What work have they done? why do they need another 6 months of hiring?

Hello Dong-hyun,

As it stated in our very first CPS Proposal that there would be 2 before at the time we submitted our first one the CPS was limited to 6 month long projects. Now onto your question. Have you hired programmers before? Have you built such a large scale NFT game with it’s own tokenomics and player run economy? If you have then that’s great, which one? If you haven’t then I don’t understand your line of disbelief or questioning because people need to get paid to work. That’s how the world works.

As to what work they have done, they have programmed our solidity contracts on a local Eth testnet and now have moved them over to the FROST testnet to be able to push onto SNOW when they are ready. This includes the tokens, the NFTs, and the randomized racing contract. They still have the business contracts to program. As for why they need another 6 months? Because programming takes time. There are hurdles and bugs and everything that goes with programming. I hope I have answered your questions but feel free to ask more and I’m more than willing to help clear things up.

Also if you look at the new CPS proposal you’ll see we only need 1 SCORE/Solidity developer to finish things off.


yes I have several years of experience in game development and an eduated level on how blockchain gaming works.

Programming for integration of nft to blockchain does not require even 1 months work of one solidity developer, this is because solidity has a lot of tooling and has made the integration easy (why you did not build the game for ICON chain).
The game functions of the race does not require more than one month in developing the functions by unity C# developer. maybe another month of rendering once you have designs. I see your biggest problem is the design, but the budget and time is too excessive.

You have your opinions and we have reality. You are talking about the game as if it’s just NFTs which its not. It involves complex algorithms to calculate the constant speeds of the vehicles based on their distance between each other as well as the changing of positions and more. If you think it’s so easy then I challenge you to make a similar game within a month. Also the reason we didn’t develop it for native ICON is because ICON is going to be for BTP and ICE/SNOW is going to be for applications/dapps as SPECIFICALLY stated by the Foundation themselves as they call SNOW/ICE their application hub. I am getting a feeling you are trying to attack me and my project for some reason and I don’t understand what that reason is but if you’d like to discuss it privately you can always reach me on telegram.

If you do not believe how easy it is to make a racing game on unity, it does not take 1 year, or two times of 6 months.

I can show you youtube tutorials:

I am not attacking you personally, I have told other p-reps my opinion on their proposals too.

Are you against accountability? Do you have solidity code to present work of 6 months for two devs?
This is where the discussion should be.

You seem to be under the misconception that we are building an out of the box player controlled racing game. That is not the case at all. The cars are AI controlled with randomization from the blockchain which will determine how the cars drive and the results throughout the entire race (aka changing positions, speed, etc). Building a player driving game is super easy, there’s hundreds of templates and demos you are correct. The smart contracts are actually what drives the cars so they are super complex. We may allow player controlled driving in the future but that’s not in the roadmap for V1. The race results are based on the NFT parts that are attached to the NFT car shells which give the cars their stats which are used by the blockchain to determine the events of each race.

If you have specific questions you can come check out our discord: Discord

We also have a medium article with the first AMA:

We will not be open sourcing our code because it is unique and proprietary as described above.