Submitting another unstaking transaction will reset the period of the previous unstaking tx

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Not sure if anyone has noticed this yet. But this is worth checking into.

Example of the issue:
Current unstaking period is 10 days

  • Bob unstakes XXX ICX on May 11. It should be fully unstaked by May 21
  • As days passed by, he decides to unstake another batch of ICX on May 16

Since Bob requested another unstaking transaction, the whole period is reset. Thus, all of Bob’s ICX that are currently unstaking will be fully unstaked on May 26.

It is likely that the ICONist will get confused as to why the previously requested ICX to be unstaked is not available yet. (Actually, someone contacted me already)

Hopefully, this will be resolved on the upcoming network upgrade. Thank you!


Will be fixed via:

Thank you ICON Foundation team :partying_face: