Splitting the MainNet & TestNet Channel Up


Few weeks ago I raised the idea of splitting the “ICON P-Rep MainNet & TestNet” telegram channel up into a governance focused channel and technically focused channel. Generally I think people were in support of this but there are a few different approaches that have since been raised.

Bong suggested splitting of the channels further into

  1. MainNet channel
  2. TestNet channel
  3. Governance

Others have suggested we don’t change it at all and keep governance discussions in the forum. Each approach will have their own merits. Personally I don’t think it is an issue having more channels to track as when you have all kinds of discussions happening in the same place, it can become difficult to follow if your team is technical / outreach / governance focused. I’d even go one step further and suggest 4 channels with the additional one purely focused on how we can plan to expand the ecosystem / business development vs internal governance topics.

Just wanted to post a thread about this and gather thoughts before putting up a poll. Don’t want to make a big deal of this but for me, it is difficult to keep track of technical topics when they are mixed with governance discussions.



My 2 cents is to have 1 technical channel (main net and test net) and keep non-technical discussions to a minimum in telegram. I’m not really a technical person though, so I don’t have a strong opinion about dividing it into main net vs test net or keeping it as one channel. I saw 2infiniti’s point that the forum is really the best place for governance/economics/strategy and I agree with that.

EDIT: Adjusted my opinion a bit


Two channels for mainnet and testnet makes sense.

For governance, I don’t think it should take place in the current TG channel. I don’t have a firm opinion on whether there should be an additional channel for governance in addition to this forum. If there was another channel, I’m in favor of it not being on Telegram. Governance, by nature, is very topic-based and those discussions do not work well in Telegram, as it is just a stream of messages. A channel for P-Rep governance discussion should be topic-based - so either this forum, or a Discord chatroom where it’s possible to make different topic-based chats.


I’d say we don’t change anything, keep the way things are but use them slightly differently.

I think most team already agreed that governance policies are better discussed on the forum, so let’s encourage that behavior.

I feel the current P-Rep mainnet & testnet chat can be used for all things else, primarily for mainnet technical discussions. I don’t think general P-Rep discussion is that big of a deal on the current channel, things have slowed down a lot, and I don’t think teams will chat about random things during critical updates.

Currently we have another announcement channel for critical updates, and we have separate team channels for every team to notify emergency situations and troubleshoots. We have more than enough channels.


Actually, we are gonna do some testing and NGINX setup guide on the TestNet. Therefore, if we have a only one channel, I think a lot of confusion is expected. That’s the reason why I think to separate the Mainnet P-Rep group chat and Testnet P-Rep group chat.

But I’m not sure we should separate governance and technology group chat from the Mainnet group chat. Governance is not only for the P-Reps, so I think we can discuss most of governance matters on the forum or icon.community tg channel.