Solve everything with one wallet

BTP, which enables all blockchains to be connected, is a truly amazing technology.

I thought about what would be the most effective marketing with this groundbreaking technology.
My answer is my wallet.

In addition to linking other blockchains
I look forward to using it for people who don’t know blockchain. a wallet into one such as messenger + identity verification + personal storage + payment + finance.

As far as I know, the identity verification technology is already in Iconloop and I think it is more efficient because I know that the cloud is also in the works.

Just using wallet often would be the best marketing. I believe that BTP technology makes this possible again. hana wallet, you have named it really well. I think it’s good that the Icon team is focusing on a global wallet after BTP technology. As we have learned in the past, the sooner the better. By joining forces with other p-reps

and I am waiting for you to apply for Hana Wallet to be recognized in the Korean trouble rule regulation.

I would say that Hana is aiming to be this wallet you describe.

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