Slyvar - B2B/B2C ICON Financial Module

Dear Icon-Community,

we are a German based IT-Consultancy and Service Provider called sifamo GmbH (analogue to a ltd) with 12 employees.
As long-term lovers of the whole ICON Project for more than three years now and holders of ten-thousands of ICX we were able to work out our contribution to the whole eco-system called - Slyvar.

Slyvar is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Application providing many modules for companies to make their work easier and more structured.
Our focus is to bring small and big companies into the world of ICON/ICX and its ecosystem hence to help them using their own company assets to use this ecosystem.

The Concept of Slyvar

We want to develop a Crypto Module providing all ICON/ICX relevant actions and providing the Slyvar-token as a reward. This means in short will following things be possible in a first version:

  • Create ICON Wallet
  • Deposit, Withdraw or Send/Receive Cryptocurrencies (Icon, Slyvar etc.)
  • See Growth of own assets
  • Chart Analysis
  • Easy Interface to use other Application of the Ecosystem like IconFi, Balanced etc.
  • Earn Rewards for using the ICON/ICX Eco-System e.g. using a specific Application will bring a reward in form of the Slyvar-Token
  • Staking ICX will also bring an additional reward of Slyvar Token
  • The finance module will be used through the ERP System and so a big advantage for companies but it will also be possible to use this module as a standalone application for “usual customers”


  1. Concept :white_check_mark:

  2. Setup of the whole Development Environment :white_check_mark:

    • CI/CD
    • Kubernetes, Docker, Keycloak
    • MongoDB, ICON
    • SpringBoot, Angular
  3. Prepare Design of the whole ERP :white_check_mark:

  4. Prepare Design of the Finance Module

  5. Prepare Design of the Finance Module as a standalone app (4-6 Weeks)

  6. Development of the Application (6-8 months)

  7. Testing & Go Live (1 month)

Parallel to this there will be many cooperations focused to the other Projects of the Ecosystem.


For this whole project there are 4 developers needed with different skills:

  • 1 Frontend-Developer (Expert)
  • 2 Full-Stack Developers (Senior)
  • 1 Backend/Dev-Ops (Expert)

Additionaly a UI/UX Designer, a testing team and sales manager will be needed.
The total cost will be at round about 250 000 €.

Our company will place all these positions with internal employees and exempt them from “usual” work.

The investment therefore provided by our company will be at 150 000 € to 170 000€.
One more investor is going to invest 40 000 €.

This means that a difference of 40 000€ is missing.

What we need?

First of all we want your feedback and more ideas for improvement of this project!
Secondly, we are looking for a sponsor to introduce this project in the CPS and so we hope to win your interest and excitement of this project.

Some more Information


If there are any question, please feel free to contact us or just reply on this topic.

Sincerly your,

Umair Zaffar

Holzkoppelweg 33
24118 Kiel, Germany


Your website link doesn’t work.

Hi @lordblueenergy ,

our Web-Server got updated and the restart was not correctly done.
Now, it’s working again!

Thanks four you hint,



Do you know of any businesses that are looking to use the ERP on the ICON blockchain?

I guess my question more specifically is what is the value add to the ICON community? You’re asking for a relatively large proposal, so I think there needs to be clears benefits to the ecosystem.

Thanks for your Question!

Yes, we already have some Partners who want to use this ERP and also the Finance Module.

The Idea is to make Cryptocurrency accessible to these companies.
As we realized that many companies are not able to use their assets for investing into Cryptocurrency.

Now, ICON is not as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, we decided to change this, hence we will only provide ICX next to Bitcoin and Ethereum as cryptocurrency and the reward in form of the slyvar token will only be given through usage of the ICON eco system.

Why Slyvar Token?
Slyvar Token can be used to get more Users, Storage in Cloud or even new modules of the ERP. So there will be a direct access point of Slyvar Token for the Company.

How to get Slyvar Token?

This will only be possible if you stake ICX and/or other ICON related system.

As you can see it is a big benefit for the whole Ecosystem.

I hope this helped.



Hello everyone,

small Update:

We already found one more Investor, hence an investment of 40 000 € is now missing.
Our team would be glad to introduce this idea in the CPS after finding a sponsor.

Let us know if there are still any questions.



I’m also curious on the estimated timeline for the project. For how long will this proposal be?

We want a perfekt Development. Every good Thing needs its time.

As we have really experienced Developers, we know that we can Develop it im shorter time Like 3-5 months. But maybe there will not be enough time to test this

We are already developing this whole system and completed nearly 6 modules in nearly 2 years.

That’s why we calculates our timelime like this.

It is not about Just deploying a product, it’s about performance, maintenance, extendability and scalability over a long period.