Shouldn't we stop voting only for one prep?

Seed compensation is attractive.
Everyone will vote for sesameseed and I think this is a problem.
I think there should be a voting limit.

For example, if one person only allows up to 70% of their vote.
Shouldn’t you do something?

We are considering a cap on delegation for ICON 2.0 as suggested by a few other community members when discussing Vote Decay/Stagnancy

There is too much time left until Icon 2.0. Setting a limit will only increase people’s wallet accounts, and I don’t think it will be a big control. Above all, I am curious if the other p-reps have accepted the voting purchase.

I think you misunderstood, sorry I should have been more clear. It would be a cap on the delegation received by a P-Rep

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Oh very good thinking

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For getting the reward the problem is that we have to vote for sesameseed to get seed proportionate to one’s own vote.
If the votes for sesameseed are full and I can’t vote, will only those who voted quickly get seeded? I am curious about this situation