Revision 12 Proposal

Revision 12 Proposal

The ICON Foundation will submit a Network Proposal (Revision Proposal) to activate the Revision 12 feature. The functions for Revision 12 are already included in Loopchain 2.7.8, ICON Service 1.8.4, icon-rpc-server 1.6.0. and Reward calculator 1.2.5. You can find a release note for this update at the link

Summary of this update

  • Fix bugs on ICON Service and Loopchain
  • Add burning function to the system SCORE
  • Add recovery mode
  • Add functions to confirm block sequentially when received simultaneously

ICON Foundation is planning to submit the Revision 12 Proposal at the beginning of the Representative term on Feb 24, 2021. All nodes should be updated by the time.