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Periodic Report

Report ICON Vote Monitor

Reporting Period

08.04.2020 - 21.05.2020

Report Description

We have improved the Voting periodic page, that now called “Election Statistics” - . Added more P-reps to the graph, the graph becomes bigger and more informative. It became possible thanks to our new blockchain parser. We added all voting stats on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis - For comfortable use in any device we created a responsive design for this page as well (mobile, tablet)
New sections:, Votes visualization, all voters, and votes.
Any user able to see all visualized voting activity by any P-Rep -

We also improved the Ranking page -
We added more P-reps and more accounts to the graph, the graph becomes more informative and any user can check all big accounts that support any P-Rep - For comfortable use in any device we created a responsive design for this page as well (mobile, tablet)

As a part of this, we added one more page - “Visualization” -
All voting activity -
All transaction by block

Project Completion Percentage


Remaining Time to Completion

0 Days - Development is finished.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

Our website -


Review of each KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or specific

All wishes were fulfilled and milestone 2 was successfully completed.

Everstake will continue to work on the ICON Vote Monitor. We plan to improve the visualization library for faster and better data dumping. Besides this when Icon daily transactions will be increased we will be able to see much more information on the “Visualization Page”

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Review Result Comments

Review Result

Request for bug fix

Review Comments

  • Please fix “Election Statistics” chart - the Y axis is not informative given certain scenarios. For example, please select only ICON Foundation then select “week”. The Y axis is labeled “42 KK” almost every mark. Please make this chart more functional as this does not appear helpful with no proper data labels
  • Please update the “Accounts” page. This page is not serving much purpose right now because it can only be sorted by creation date. We suggest allowing to sort by other columns and also allowing a filter feature. Maybe you can filter by “delegations > 1,000 ICX” or something like this. This would be very helpful and make this page serve more purpose
  • “We plan to add a delegators section near the delegators tab” - can you explain if this part was accomplished? We do not see the delegators tab right now but maybe we are missing it
  • Visualization seems to be broken for higher ranked P-Reps. Please fix this feature.
  • Block Visualization does not seem very insightful, can you explain what is supposed to be learned when looking at an individual block? If there is not much to be learned maybe attempt a different visualization with more insights. Governance is important so maybe more focus on visualization of governance activity

Thank you for your comments, we will fix them as soon as possible and I will let you know immediately!

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Hello, We added your wishes and suggestions, we also found a few more bugs and fix them, it took a while, but we managed.

  1. We corrected the “Election Statistics” chart and Page - Added more gaps into the Y-axis.

  2. We updated the ‘‘Accounts page’’ as well, added date filter, and table filter for each page. Unfortunately, we can not sort all accounts by “delegations > 1,000 ICX” as an example. In order to have realtime statistics for each Icon account, we work directly with the node that why we can not sort more than 330 000 accounts at one time. But all this information available on each account page.

  3. Delegators section - already added. You have to open page - and then click on any timestamp - and then you will be able to look votes and voters information - and votes visualization

  4. Visualization for higher-ranked P-Reps - Updated. We removed the smallest one accounts in a case to increase renders speed. It needs some time until the library work with the frontend and all voters, but any user can click on the reset button in the right corner and be able to check the full chart. Besides user can click on any point in the chart and find any account in the ecosystem -

  5. Block Visualization - as an example block 19582402 - The more transactions we have in the block the more information appears. With every block, any user will be able to check any contract or user transactions (hx… and cx…) You can click on any dot in the chart and easily can be referred to


Review Result Comments

Review Result


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