[Report] Dapp Integration on DappReview

Report Name

[Grant Application]Dapp Data Integration on DappReview (Binance Ecosystem)

Reporting Period

Mar. 12 - Apr. 24th 2020

Report Description

1. Data Integration (Done)

2. Dapp page for each ICON Dapp (Done)

  • Detailed analytics for each dapps
  • Descriptions, Smart contracts, Reviews, and related social media info, etc

3. Marketing & Articles (Done)

4. Industry Reports and Media (Done)

What’s Next

Though the integration work for the grant application was done, DappReview will continue work with ICON foundation and dapp developers closely in terms of dapp-related marketing/events to add value to ICON ecosystem. For the future reports and research articles, ICON will be one of the main focus under our radar and covered in our data analysis.

Review Result Comments

Review Result