[Report] Dapp Analytics and Distribution Dapp.com

Report Name
[Grant application] Dapp Analytics and Distribution Dapp.com

Reporting Period
2020/03/26 - 2020/05/26

Report Description

  1. ICON Column on Homepage and Ranking Page with dapp stats (eg. 24hr users, 7day users, transactions, Dapp.com score etc).

  2. Dapp Page for each of the ICON dapp submitted with profile, stats display, user review function.

  3. ICON Column on Dapp Market Overview Page to provide comparisons with other leading blockchains by different data filters.

  4. Dapp Data Telegram Bot to report real-time ICON dapp stats in any group chat.

Promotion of ICON blockchain

We’ve come up with this special campaign for educating ICON dapp ecosystem as a listing campaign. And the result was super.

Stats of the launch campaign:

  • Impressions on social media: 135,000+

  • 10,000+ visit on the campaign page.

  • Promotion of ICON and ICON dapps on Dapp.com and its channels;
    Finished in all dapp.com’s social, website, and community and guest posts.

  • 4 Free Dapp promotion packages for ICON dapps upon requests from ICON.
    Finished. Promoted ICONbet and Zensports from 16th April to 11th May.

What’s Next

All the work in the first stage is finished but we will take it further from here. We will continue to provide stats, exposure and keep track of all the progress within ICON ecosystem.

Moving on we will be adding any tools, use cases of ICON that touch the blockchain component (not just dapps) to dapp.com. We strongly believe that this will continue to generate awareness to the ICON ecosystem. As the first dapp platform partnered with ICON, we are 100% committed to grow with the ICON ecosystem.


Kyle Lu

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