Report Atomic Wallet

This report describes steps for the integration of ICON Blockchain to Atomic Wallet.

At the first stage we’ve created an adapter for ICON blockchain to the wallet core. This stage has taken us 1 week from the start of integration. The main challenge for us at this stage was to develop an adapter for the new coin in short term, saving as much time as we can for further steps. We spent 2 days on tests and fine-tuning.

At the second stage we’ve successfully implemented ICON blockchain to the wallet core. We spent 1 week on this task and 3 days more on following tests and bugfixes. During the implementation we’ve checked the compatibility of ICX with other libraries in the wallet.

The next stage was to make integration to the interface of desktop. We spent 1 week on this task, including all necessary tests.

Then we’ve made the integration of ICON to Android version of the wallet. One of the most important thing at this stage was to make sure that it was compatible with all Android versions we support. Further tests showed us an almost complete absence of bugs. Integration to Android app took 1 week.

The next stage was the integration to IOS version of the app, it took only 2 days without any issues.

As of today, the integration of ICON to Atomic is 80% complete. We’ve added ICX to all the platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and IOS. You can hold, send and receive ICX right now at Atomic Wallet. Moreover, we’ve added an exchange option as well, so users can easily buy ICX for as much as 30 different assets from the wallet and exchange it to BTC (soon more trading pairs will become available). Atomic with ICON on board was released for desktop on June 2nd 2020, for mobile – on June 4th 2020.

At the moment we’re working hard on the integration of ICX staking, we’ve done about 40%. We expect to complete the task within two weeks.

Please, feel free to ask me any questions!


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The ICON Foundation has confirmed progress and approves the grants for that report.

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