Rebranding the ICX name

Recently, I’ve seen some people kicking around the idea of rebranding ICX in an effort to breathe new life into the ICON ecosystem. Personally, I like the ICX name as it is and believe that the implementation of BTP and other plans in the pipeline will be enough to bring in new blood and regain the interest of some that have already left or not kept up with the project. What are your views on this topic?

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I have to agree, maybe rebranding will give a short boost. But i hope that the development will attract people for the long term.


I have seen rebranding before with Lisk since they had a gemstone as their logo back in the day. Sure their new logo is alot nicer these days. With ICON i dont see why we need to spend resources on this. ICX is a great ticker. The ICON logo is just fine as it is and is in align with hyperconnect the world catch phrase. If your think rebranding while help price etc think again

Sure ICON is very generic and when googling ICON you might not get it top search results but this comes down to SEO.

Once ICON releases its product in BTP and we have something to market we will see ICON become more recognized especially to the new people entering the crypto space.


The ICON in its name is legendary. No need to change that. Though a change in the logo to an eye catching element won’t be a bad idea. Rebranding generally does good to any organization. Its a welcome development

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Although many people like ICON/ICX, in truth, maybe it’s lacking from the past is not what it is today, if people were to understand the true value of what services it has today, I actually think a rebrand would bring more people into the network and you would retain existing members, so you have to look at it as cost vs reward, if it is minimal to rebrand, what’s the harm?

The contracts would stay the same other than a few adjustments to naming, maybe the only downfall is any downstream links to projects on ICON that could be an issue, so again, I think it is a good idea but not sure of the cost impact as that would confirm my opinion!

We need to wait this bull run for icx touch 12$, if nothing happens we need to do something.