Realm Of Gods Project #0

Hello ICON community, today i will be answering couple questions regarding Realm Of Gods project, feel free to give me your feedback to make it a pleasant experience for players, as i would like to state that i am looking for a sponsor to make the building of this project possible.

1) What is the idea of Realm Of Gods [ present time]

    - It is consistent  of five mythologies, each mythology has eight gods that have different ranks and go initially as {Legend - Rare - Common} and with possibility to upgrade them. Each mythology has one legend god, two rare gods and five common gods. A legend god has two copies per god, rare has one copy per god and common gods have three copies per god.

1.1) How to upgrade your god/goddess?

      - To be able to upgrade your god you need to collect all copies of him and contact the creator throughout twitter ( link of my twitter profile is present in each NFT as unlockable content), after contacting me, then the user send me all the copies of his god for me to burn and transfer him the enhanced version of his god. Due to lack of resources and funding i had to come up with this idea instead of using a smart contract which is known to be more efficient and professional. 

1.2) What is the status of the project?

    - Only two mythologies are minted so far ( 16 gods) having 19 owners , and with 3 upgraded gods ( 2 legend upgraded to a rare legend god and a common god upgraded into rare god)

2) How can a sponsor benefit the project?

  -1- With a fund, the dream project can come to live, in which each mythology will have its own token with varying values enabling owners to buy equipment for their gods from weapons and cloths and backgrounds and upgrading their powers and weapons on a website similar to that of GangstaBet project. 
 -2- also, with a sufficient fund, this idea can reach a game level where players compete each other and have authority to order gods with lower ranks to fight and serve them.

thank you for reading about my project, feel free to enlighten me with your feedbacks and consider sponsoring it.