Realm Of Gods project #0.1

Realm Of Gods project #0.1

After deep discussions with several game studios regarding the concept of Realm Of Gods and its applicability, I’ve enhanced the idea of the game as it became clearer and applicable.

This game is going to be the first P2E game in RPG style on icon Blockchain which can and will attract more users/gamers to the Blockchain.

The game is about dominance, where each mythology upgrades its town-defences-weapons and raid other mythologies to gain coins which can be traded with ICX. This is not the only entertaining experience that you will get to try. As the project evolves, several events will be introduced such as playing poker in taverns (i can say no more so I don’t ruin the surprises).

The game contains 5 mythologies in the same map, each mythology has its town in this map as each town has a respective style, each mythology will contain 8 main gods with different rarity, leading to copies of the gods that reach 19 copies per mythology.

Total characters will make room for 95 player at initial phases.

Thank you for reading my forum. I’d like to hear your opinions on this subject.

Thanks for your post, I got some questions at first glance:

  • What will be the costs for building this?
  • How much revenue are your expecting, and how did you calcuate this?
  • What and how high are the estimated recurring costs?
  • What is your past experience in the gaming-industry?
  • You can expect the same issues as ‘Project Nebula’ has, which resulted in them halted developement (I believe). What is your plan to tackle these challenges?

Thank you for asking such an interesting questions.

*The cost of this will be and according to the developers will be around 40,000$, but we made several phases were we can play the game with lesser details at initial phases to which the price is reduced to around 10,000$ (only essential details to be able to play the game then enhance it with time). And we will fund ourselves (10,000) from selling our characters and weapons on a website first which reduces the initial cost to a maximum of 2500$ to build external collection and website with 3d characters and 3d weapons and some character animation.

*I’m expecting to earn from different areas in the game.

1: buying life/when a player dies 3 times during gameplay, he can wait for couple hours to recharge his health or he can pay for it and play immediately. This is set approximately as, the charge for life or what i would like to call, elixir of life is sold at 0.15$, and we have 95 essential player, as an average, each player will buy once per day, it will give around 5,130$ per year from this alone.

2: buying new weapons and upgrading them will also be a source of income.(the pricing is yet to be determined) but I’m confident in players upgrading their weapons to be superior in the game.

3: buying and upgrading defenses in the game is also another source of income which will get the attention of players because of its importance (incase they get invaded, the money gained and stored will be stolen, hence they want to protect the money).

4: buying new skins and clothes for your character is also an option presented.

5: other options will be presented in next phases from gambling and drinking and farming.

So to go back, i only determined the price of the elixir of life because it is a known variable for me, while the others require developers to determine first the applicability of most of the options inside each category and the mechanics of them, then when we get an accurate number of objects, we will determine the price.

I calculated the average usage of the elixir of life as a gamer who used to play online games, spending 0.15$ each day leading to 54$ per year for every player is considered acceptable and tempting.

*regarding the recurring costs, it is still not clear but as a concept, we have bugs to tackle, also we have changing the animation before the game start each season, and of course we have getting new items into the store .

  • I am a gamer, this gives me an advantage into knowing the experience players want to have and the details gamers crave to experience.

  • can you elaborate more on the issue project nebula is facing? I have been away for sometime so i don’t know enough about this.

I think you might underestimate the complexity of a project like this.

You expect costs will be around 40k. This means it could also be 45k or 50k. With a expected 5k anual revenue this means the revenue for 1 or 2 years might be already all gone. And this is without any other costs, for example servercosts, maintenance etc.

For me it seems highly irresponsible to spend 40k to 50k of CPS funds on a game that is expected to have 100 players, a 5k anual revenue and won’t generate much transactions relatively.

Also, keep in mind that it’s extremely important to be liquid as a company. You need to be able to absorb calamities. What if a (critical) bug in the code base pops up? I expect that you will need a buffer of +10k at minimum to survive one year.

I would strongly advice to see a project like this not from a gamer-standpoint but from a business/developer-standpoint. When it’s game over for the business you can’t restart.

I think you should be very specific calculating expected costs and cashflow. Break all of it down as far as possible.

This article might contain some useful information:

For example ‘around 40k for development’ should be broken down very specific. I would like to know who the team is that will be receiving 40k. What is their experience? How can we trust them to deliver? What contracts will be signed to make sure they will deliver a product as agreed uppon?

About Project Nebula: They have stopped development on the game because they could not cover the costs of it with the reveneu the game generates. They could not find investors inspite of the game looking really good and the steady playerbase they build.**

If you want your project to be succesful I think you should absolutely study Project Nebula and contact their team to make sure your project won’t suffer the same faith.

**This is a quick summary by me, not quotes. You can check their announcement channel in their Discord.

Personally I don’t think CPS validators can approve this proposal as it is now. If you really want to, you can of course go for it anyway. I would strongly recommend reconsidering going all in on a really complicated project like this.

I don’t think you got my idea, my idea is that i will only request around 2500$ from cps, and from that point, i will be moving forward. 2500$ allow me to create a website with characters and weapons to go on sale, which i expect to reach 10,000$+ if sold out, then from that point we’ll build the basics of the game and we will be upgrading it and developing it in the future upon generating revenue. Revenue is not only 5000$, this number is only gained from one source, we still have several other sources as i mentioned earlier, they exist hence 5k doesn’t represent Total revenue as you stated. Regarding the players, 95 players are in the initial phases, after that and with development, we have planned to add normal humans as a second generation characters, these humans have no limit because they will be allowing anyone to join, but the humans won’t have specialties like the first generation characters (Gods and goddesses).

Regarding the 10k, the game will be up and running, hence everything regarding servers and extra costs are actually included.

We won’t face the same problem as project nebula simply because our goal is not perfection at first, that’s why we will be going for essential details for the game, then upgrade later. (Upgrades and development will be moving at the speed of our growth).

Regarding the team, i have contacted the leading developer in Eclectica, we all know how good their work is. He will assemble a team and do the work.

So to recap, for now I’m just spreading the idea of realm of gods, then after that, my first phase is building the website with the collection and selling my characters and weapons. After that, we will fund our next phase from our gains and so on it continues.

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I don’t think that has anything to do with Project Nebula’s problem. Their thing was despite having a fully-built game, an existing community, funding was still a hard thing to overcome, which is why their development has halted. How do you plan on growing traction like such & maintaining a community when there is no game built? How do you plan on capturing interest of people within ICON and outside of ICON?

It’s better to spread the idea if we can understand what the idea is. I’m still confused what the project is. There’s not really a structure to the project’s details.

It should be something like: About Project – How does it work? – Why ICON? – Deliverables – How will you gain traction? – etc etc

This means there are 95 total NFTs? What if one person buys 50% of the collection?

These are all if* you can gain interest and traction as a project.

Overall, I think there are a lot of ifs* and whens* in this post. Get it more structured, more organized, and think about how you will gain traction within the community. “This will be the first of it’s kind” doesn’t really do the trick anymore.

I have made contact with team FRAMD to get the project more organized and structured. Regarding the NFT quantity, the second phase will be an alpha, meaning only 95 characters will be able to play, then we will add more characters as second generation in our beta to gain more users. For the guy buying all 50%, there will be a registration, a whitelist so we can try and prevent that.

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Great! Glad you reached out!

Hit me up if you ever need help in other aspects!

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