Reaching Out To Candidates


Hello everybody! Corey C here, the ICONSENSUS Ambassador. I think it’s crucial that we become familiar with different members of different P-Rep teams. My advise is to go into the separate ICON telegram communities and start a conversation with different members of different P-Rep teams and discuss their community involvement, roadmap, etc. We need to become familiar with these teams, it’ll increase our knowledge as well. Cheers!


Agree! And for the P-Reps, I encourage you to reach out to Corey - he can helpp with good videos and propagating your P-Rep vision to the community!


Thank you my friend!


Guys, I highly recommend we reach out to the newest P-Rep Candidates to perpetuate the notion of inclusivity within the Icon Ecosystem. It is incumbent that each P-Rep team has the most exposure they can possibly garner for the betterment of the entirety of the ecosystem, plus, it will bolster marketing on all fronts.


To add, my next podcast will be with Radiofriendly of ICONation this week! We will discuss the By Iconists and for Iconists competition and the work Spl3en has been working on in recent history; highlighting how members of ICONation have contributed for the ecosystem.


Nice! Will be good to check in with them and hear from the team that made

An interview with Spl3en would be superb if you can get him on. Else radio friendly is great too.


Hello everyone! Provided is a link to my new episode of the “Democratic Chronicles” with radiofriendly of ICONation!


I also have a podcast planned for early August with Brian Li of Rhizome! It will be the second episode where I sit down with a member of Rhizome and discuss the ICON Ecosystem!


As well, I’m in discussion talks with Shane at the moment from Pocket/Figment for a podcast as well. Reaching out to Candidates is a crucial component to perpetuate the incentivization of ICONists to familiarize themselves with each team! Cheers!


This would be good. Shane is sharp, professional, and has great ideas for icon.


Shane is very professional, im glad I had the opportunity to speak with him during the discussion panel debates!