Randomizing the p rep list on the voting screen could help with vote distribution

@Ben_Lee @BongAnHa are there any plans to remove the ranking numbers and randomize the p rep list on the voting screen? VELIC team said that it has to be approved by ICON foundation before they can implement it.

It would help distribute votes randomly from voters who just vote for the top 1 - 10 teams without doing any research. These are usually the folks who vote and forget about it. Those who do their research will still find the teams they intend to vote for.

The current ranking system is biased since p rep rankings doesn’t always equal output. If I’m new to icon ecosystem, I would vote for the top 5 -10 too due to the assumption that they are the best teams.

This will remove some of the free votes p rep teams at the top 5 - 10 get, for just being at the top and help with vote distribution. Votes from ICONist who do no research before voting shouldn’t count that much. In the current system, you could just stay at the top, do nothing and still earn votes.


Maybe we can try this on the ICON Tracker or ICONex but don’t have a detailed plan for this at the moment

VELIC said they can build it but they need approval from the ICON team to do so. It would help distribute votes randomly from the people who only vote for the top teams without doing any research. With the current set up, teams at the top are getting all those votes which further worsens the vote distribution. Hopefully, your team considers this.

Hey there! This is a really great point and it makes us really happy to see that this type of changes are discussed for the ICON ecosystem as well. One thing that we would like to add is that this type of randomized display could also be implemented on the ICON Tracker. Each time a user opens the dashboard, or reloads the page, the P-Rep list could be randomized and displayed in a different way so that the bias element could be minimized.


Thanks for you guys opinions - I’ll discuss this point internally and circle back something on this post. Many thanks!

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