Questions about hosting an adult entertainment industry project

Hello people of the ICON community!

Recently I had some ideas for a project regarding the adult entertainment industry, and naturally this raises some questions and challenges. In this topic I will lay down the questions I have regarding the image of the ICON project/community, possible censorship, and limits of the project, to the best of my ability.

I had a conversation on the telegram about possible censorship on the ICX chain, because adult entertainment projects could go against the values of the project or Korea. I say Korea, as I have been told this project is a Korean project. I had asked about censorship and was told that some addresses have been blacklisted because of a hack. I learned that the majority of validators would have to have “vote” on such a blacklisting to go in effect, so I am not too scared about a centralized authority blacklisting people/projects.

So for a project related to the adult entertainment industry, I would like to know how the community/foundation feels about this. I don’t want to tarnish the reputation of the project, nor make myself an enemy.

Another community member thought it wouldn’t be an issue to host such a project, but I can definitely see public opinion quickly shifting if content is hosted that is deemed repulsive to the majority of people.
Let’s assume a situation where NFTs are sold, a “furry”, “hentai”, or “cartoon” artist could be selling art featuring extreme fetishes that are deemed repulsive by the majority of people. However, as this is art, I believe that they should have the right to freedom of expression and allow them to create and sell this art as an NFT. However, I do recognize that not everybody shares these views, hence I am polling the opinion of the community to see if such a project would be tolerated on the ICX chain.
Of course, NFTs featuring real people will be strictly vetted and verified to prevent exploitation, abuse, and compliance with the law.

So do you think such a project could, or should, be hosted on ICX chain? If yes, what do you think the limits should be when it comes to selling NFTs?
Furthermore, do you think the project would be in danger of being blacklisted if extreme (drawn) content was being sold on the NFT marketplace?

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the matter, and please do not hesitate to ask counter questions.

Naughty NFTs. Me likely